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Seven kidnapped children rescued from the Migrant Caravan

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Tapachula, Chiapas. – Officials from Guatemala and a recognized international judicial vigilance group confirmed to the media that at least seven children who were being trafficked by people inside the migrant caravan were rescued.

The first reports indicate that the minors have already received food, water, and medical attention and that the delinquents were arrested, although no further details have been given.

It is expected that the authorities of  Guatemala and Mexico will release the reports about the people who have stopped in the caravan of Hondurans, due to their criminal records, homicide, drug trafficking, and other crimes.

This Wednesday it was also reported that the former federal deputy, Bartolo Fuentes, had to leave Honduras after he was designated as one of the promoters of the first caravan that left that nation for Mexico.

In his personal accounts, he announced that he is already in  El Salvador on a temporary basis and that the actions of the last hours against him seem intimidating and part of the persecution he denounces against him in Honduras.

In the last two weeks,  about 15,000 migrants have entered  Mexico in a massive way, legal or undocumented, while another six thousand still travel in various groups through Guatemala in their dream of arriving in the  United States or staying to live somewhere. from the country.

Until Wednesday night,  2 thousand 850 foreigners, between Hondurans and Salvadorans, had complied with the administrative protocol to request refuge in Mexico and wait for the authorities to investigate their origin and rule out the possibility that any of them have a criminal record.

Of that group, around 300 already obtained a  temporary Single Registry of Population Registration (CURP) that was extended to them by Mexican authorities. With these documents, they already have access to international resources of between  800 and 1,200 pesos per month.

Having that constitutional guarantee also allows them the possibility of entering and leaving the shelter where they are located, without any problem, although they can not leave the city and have to go every ten days to the immigration offices to sign a list that certifies that they are in  Tapachula .

This is a period of 45 days maximum, while the Mexican authorities define their request for refuge in the country. If that request is denied, they will have to be deported.

Those almost three thousand people who are in the facilities of the Mesoamerican Fair, which was enabled as temporary shelter, desisted to continue their step in any of the five caravans that have arrived in Chiapas in recent days, in the hope of obtaining the benefit to stay and live legally in Mexico.

For this, they had to turn themselves into the immigration authorities, identify themselves and let them be investigated in the shelter, where they receive food, water, medical attention, clothing and some other kind of humanitarian aid.

Resultado de imagen para Rescatan a siete niños secuestrados que traficantes llevaban en Caravana Migrante

The wait for official resolution, illness and discouragement have led  386 Hondurans to request Mexican authorities to return to their country. Some of them, given their health condition, have been by land and others by air.

Meanwhile, the caravans move forward in their project to reach the center of the country and then to the border with the  United States to try to enter that nation, they do it in compact groups because they have found many checkpoints and operations in the cities. continue

Derived from these investigations, where those who stray and fall behind cannot verify before the authorities their legal stay in the country, they are inevitably deported.

On average,  some  500 migrants arrive in Tapachula every day,   insured and transported in 12 trucks, to be repatriated; that is, about  7,500  in fifteen days.

Source: The Mazatlan Post 

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