Published On: Fri, Nov 9th, 2018

The “Caravan” heads for Querétaro

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The Estancia del Migrante reported that it is ready to provide support to the 5,000 Central American migrants that will pass through the state of Queretaro. In a statement, the organization noted that “according to what was agreed at the assembly on Thursday November 8th, the #CaravanaMigrante left for Queretaro on Friday, November 9th, at 5 in the morning, departing from the Ciudad Deportiva in Mexico City.

“So far, it’s the information we have. We have no knowledge yet about the place and time of arrival, however, it seems that approximately 5 thousand people will travel from Mexico City to Querétaro.” said a spokesperson from Estancia del Migrante.

“We are in contact with comrades from Mexico City who have accompanied the Caravan during these days and provided humanitarian support, who informed us about how the contingent will advance, as well as the points of passage and arrival,” the spokesperson continued.



Estancia del Migrante has received aid from the civilian population during these days, to be able to attend the migrants and provide them with food, water, medicines and clothing, mainly due to the weather conditions that prevail in Central Mexico.

Querétaro is located 217 kilometers (134 miles) north of Mexico City (Image: INEGI)

“We demand from the authorities of the State of Querétaro that these people be treated in a dignified way and to provide with all the support they need, as well as a space for humanitarian attention, health services and adequate medical attention to children, adolescents , women and other populations in situations of vulnerability”, the spokesperson said.

“It’s important that Querétaro’s DIF assume an active role in the care of the families that integrate the Caravan, and the presence of the State Attorney is necessary for the Protection of Women and Children, in order to make sure that the basic rights of these people are not violated. We urge the Human Rights Ombudsman of the State of Querétaro to guarantee respect for the human rights of those who travel in this caravan, and to monitor the actions of the authorities, ” stressed spokesperson from Estancia del Migrante.

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