Published On: Fri, Dec 7th, 2018

Ariana, the girl who saw the FIG from the hospital, fulfilled her dream

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The photograph of Ariana Valadez looking through the window of the pediatrics area of the UMAE 48 Clinic of the IMSS went viral on social networks.

And December 7 will always be an unforgettable date for young Ariana, as personnel of the International Balloon Festival (FIG) visited the facilities of the clinic with an aerostat to fulfill the girl’s dream: to fly on a hot air balloon.

Guanajuato’s Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo thanked the gesture through its social networks. Rodríguez Vallejo thanked the people from FIG for fulfilling the illusion of this child, who became famous on November 17, the second day of the FIG, when Dr. Andrea Padilla shared her image watching the balloons through a window.


Image of the small Ariana Valadez leaning out the window of the UMAE 48 of the IMSS, the morning of Saturday, November 17, seeing balloons floating in space above the city of León. (Photo:

Since the previous night, Ariana had planned with one of her roommates to wake up early in order to see the flight of the balloons, but her companion did not wake up in time and she decided to contemplate the morning show alone.


However, on the morning of Friday December 7th, Ariana walked to the IMSS clinic parking lot and found herself in front of a huge hor air balloon wiating for her to get in and lift off the ground!

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