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New Arrivals on Netflix Mexico in December

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December looks great on Netflix. The platform receives “Rome” the film by Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón that has already been placed amongst the favorites in the Oscar race and for the first time in a while there will be more films than series.

These are some of the new releases for December.


 There has been a lot of expectation for the return of “Prison Break” eight years after its apparent end. In order to recover the plot the deaths of the previous outcome are skipped and the brothers return to this thriller filled of puzzles for the spectator with the novelty that it all takes place in Yemen.


One of the great surprises for its classic, elegant and profound vision of adventure cinema. Located at the beginning of the 20th century, it follows the different missions of the British explorer Percival Fawcett, obsessed with the idea of ​​finding a legendary city built in gold in the Amazon.


In these chapters Bishop Heahmund, interpreted by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, takes center stage, the arrival of Floki in Iceland and Bjorn’s trip to the Sahara desert is narrated.


Rudyard Kipling, author of The Jungle Book, died more than 75 years ago, so his texts can be adapted by anyone who wishes without paying. Disney already did it twice, the last one in 2016 with a real image film. Warner Bros worked on the same project since 2012, initially with Alejandro González Iñárritu as director, but the whole process has been delaying with a thousand changes until today. At first it looks a lot like Disney because it uses the same technique of special effects to reproduce the talkative animals that interact with Mowgli. This version that has landed on Netflix without going through the cinemas seems slightly more serious and more accurate to the Indian roots of Kipling’s texts.


Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey) is the protagonist in the role of Landry, a heroic Templar knight who is going through a serious crisis of faith. An interesting view of the Paris of the 14th century with mixed reviews.


Have you forgotten about Paris Hilton? She tries to avoid you forgetting about her with this documentary in which she tells, with other social networks influencers, how they have built their media empire.


A Movistar+ release, this fifth installment of the inmates arrives late. This time the action of the 13 chapters is concentrated in just three days, with Piper and Alex more united than ever.


Drumroll… Alfonso Cuarón’s new film, five years after Gravity, is Netflix’s true ‘Trojan Horse’ to be planted at the Oscars with the possibility of making history, especially after his unquestionable triumph in Venice, “Leon de Oro” included. A deeply personal work by the Mexican director, in which he chronicles the life of two Mixtec-born workers in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City in an intimate epic. It is shot in black and white and with unknown actors to the general public, two clear indications that it is one more film for festivals and prizes than for bursting the box office. Netflix plan is for the film to be shown at several festivals (Venice, New York, Toronto, San Sebastian) and in December it will premiere simultaneously on the platform.


Netflix takes advantage of the good reception of the reboot and premieres the first part of a Christmas special. The action is unleashed when Sabrina organizes a séance that does not go as expected.


The presence of Elsa Pataky is the reason why this Australian series has aroused some interest… For the rest, it looks like HBO’s Sirens, with a dark and ecological roll.


For some strange reason, the world population is decimating because if you see “something2 related to your deepest fears, you will commit suicide instantly (yes, very M. Night Shyamalan). Sandra Bullock plays a courageous mother who flees from a brutal massacre with her two children until they find shelter from which they can only go out with their eyes covered. With good names such as Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story) John Malkovich and screenwriter of “The Arrival” Eric Heisserer, seems like an interesting feature.

Netflix has been more lucid with movies than with series in this last month of 2018, but it is not that it lacks quantity. Here we leave you other titles for you to have on your radar:

  • Case (December 7): The suspicious death of a 14-year-old girl unleashes a series of complications that capture the interest of an alcoholic lawyer.
  • Dogs of Berlin (December 7): The murder of a soccer star leads two very different police to fight against the Berlin underworld and face their own criminal activities.
  • Love (December 7): In an unfortunate attempt to reinforce the trust of the eternally unmarried Elsa, her friends hire a gigolo. A series of comedy set in Paris.
  • The inmate (December 7): A former Marine poses as an inmate in a Mexican prison to infiltrate a gang suspected of kidnapping the teenage daughter of a US judge.
  • Pine Gap (December 7): In Pine Gap, a secret defense facility of the United States and Australia, the alliance is cracked when the spies of both powers work together, but also against each other.
  • The Ranch. Part 6 (December 7): Colt, who is expecting a child with Abby, faces the difficulties of running a ranch. Meanwhile, a new arrival keeps the Bennett family in check.
  • Bad Blood (December 7): Criminal drama that tells the true story of the Rizzuto family and their partners, who controlled organized crime in Montreal for decades.
  • Records of the Alhambra (December 11): The director of an investment company knows the owner of a hostel in Spain while looking for the mysterious creator of an innovative game of augmented reality.
  • Travellers: Season 3 (December 14): The world already knows the existence of Travelers. Now, they work with the FBI to erase their traces and continue with the missions, while overcoming their personal crises.
  • Back with my Ex (December 21): After years apart, four singles will meet their “ex´s” who could not forget. But will your old loves feel the same for them?
  • The perfume (December 21): A perfumer with a superhuman sense of smell begins to kill women in order to distill their essence and create the perfect scent.
  • Diablero (December 21): A priest resorts to a demon hunter and an expert in paranormal issues to find a young girl kidnapped in the underworld of Mexico City.
  • Derry Girls (December 21): With the problems of Northern Ireland as a backdrop, this comedy follows a group of friends in their teens in the early nineties.
  • LOBO (December 21): In charge of risky operations in Turkey, members of a special security unit face danger and tragedy both on the ground and at home.
  • Homicidal Mountain (December 28): A man disappears in Humboldt County, California, revealing a dangerous and unsustainable network of violence, drugs and police apathy.

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