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Driver with Pseudonyms Sentenced for DUI Injuries

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A driver of Chula Vista will be sentenced in January for DUI cases with injuries to three people. They had head-on crash and vehicle caught fire after a red light signal. Rachel Julian Fogle, also famous as Rachel Warren and Rachel Ballesteros, faces a jail term for 1-year after her blood test for alcohol level. The level of alcohol in her blood was three times higher than the legal limit.

Fogle was driving a Hyundai Elantra in black color. She ran a red light in Pacific Beach on Garnet Avenue at 1:55 p.m. on 9th September. She collided with a Toyota Camry white that collided with a parked Malibu Chevrolet. After this crash, a couple was rushed to hospital with severe injuries and one relative. The 44 years old, Joshua Fogle, was also hospitalized for the treatment of her head injury. Rachel Fogle was also injured during this crash. She was driving at a speed of 50 to 60 mph while driving through a red light, as per her arrest warrant affidavit. Garnet Avenue’s speed limit is 25 mph.

The charges of DUI were filed in 20 September in Superior Court of San Diego. The police arrested her from Chula Vista house. She is free on a bond of $250,000 with the condition that she has to wear a SCRAM device that consistently checks the consumption of alcohol. She begged guilty for driving with a measurable level of alcohol in the blood. Judge Kathleen Lewis will sentence her on 28 January 2019.

The Vista Criminal Lawyer of Fogle acknowledges that she is responsible for injuring multiple victims. She marked a form that confirmed that she has a previous DUI conviction.

Penalties for DUI Cases in California

If a person is convicted under DUI (driving under the influence) in California, his/her penalties may depend on different circumstances. The fact of these cases and characteristics of an offender categorized as mitigating and aggravating factors. The conviction may result from a jury verdict or plea bargain. The minimum and maximum penalties can be imposed by statute. These ranges of allowable sentences may depend on the number of earlier DUI convictions on defendants.

Maximum and Minimum Penalties

The first conviction of DUI in California can be a misdemeanor. The sentenced motorists may face these penalties:


The first offender may receive imprisonment of 48 hours to 6 months in jail. If a judge orders probation, occurs in several cases, jail time can be skipped. Often, judges feel lenient for first offenders and may not order jail time in their sentence.


The first DUI require you to pay a fine between $390 and $1,000. The motorist has to deal with some penalty assessments that may substantially increase the fine. The total may be thousand dollars.

License Suspension

The first conviction of DUI may face suspension of license for six months. The administrative suspension of 4 months is imposed by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) if a driver had BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of .08%. If a driver refused for BAC test, he would face administrative suspension of one year. The state allows a driver to overlap two suspensions. It is not necessary for drivers to complete two suspensions. A driver can obtain his restricted license for driving to school and work.


A driver with a first offense of DUI may receive a term of three-year informal probation. The duration can be five years. During probation, the defendant should complete a DUI school for three months. The class consists of classes of 30 hours. For defendants with .20% or more BAC, the program can be nine months long and the class time will be 60 hours.

In Los Angeles, first offenders have to install IIDs (Ignition Interlock devices) for five months after completion of license suspension. Some states require the installation of IID for almost three years.

Penalties for Second Conviction of DUI

The second conviction of DUI becomes a misdemeanor in California. The sentenced motorist faces these penalties:

  • The fines for second DUI will be the same as for the first offense, such as $390 – $1,000 plus penalty valuations.
  • The second offenders will face jail for 96 hours or 1-year. Jail time may vary from house arrest or alternative jail programs.
  • The second DUI may increase the chances of license suspension for two years from criminal court and administrative suspension of 12 months. The offenses with .08% BAC may increase the chances of license suspension. Two suspensions can be overlapped. The motorist may apply for a controlled license after completing 90 days (a hard period of suspension). You have to wait for one year for drugged driving offenses.

Second offenders of DUI receive probation of three years. The duration of punishment can be five years. The defendant should complete 18 to 30 months of DUI School. The IID requirements are 12-month in Los Angeles.

Penalties for Third DUI

The third DUI in California becomes a misdemeanor. A sentence may carry these penalties:

  • Fine for the third DUI may vary between $390 and $1,000 along with penalty assessments.
  • A 3rd DUI may lead you to jail for 120 days to 1-year along with a probation period of 30 days.
  • For second DUI, a suspension of 3-year may come from criminal court along with the administrative suspension for 12-months. They allow you to overlap two suspensions. The motorists can get a restricted license after finishing a suspension period of 6 months to 1 year.
  • After third DUI offense, you have to complete 3 – 5 years of informal probation. The judge may have discretion for DUI school for almost 30 days.


Penalties Involving Injuries or Deaths

If a person injures someone in DUI accidents, he/she will face severe penalties than standard DUIs. DUI cases with injuries are wobblers, and the driver will be charged as a felony or misdemeanor. After charging as a felony, a casualty of DUI may result in imprisonment of 16 months – 4 years. Depending on the history of the defendant, fines for injury cases may range between $390 and $5,000.

Fatalities with DUIs

DUI offenders may cause the death of a person. These people may be prosecuted under murder laws or vehicular manslaughter laws. In this situation, a defendant may charge with:

  • Second-degree murder
  • Gross vehicular manslaughter in intoxicated state
  • Negligent vehicular homicide in the inebriated state

Penalties for these offenses may vary. For negligent vehicular manslaughter in an intoxicated state, the offender has to pay $1,000 fine along with one-year imprisonment. The conviction of second-degree conviction for murder carries imprisonment for 15 years to whole life.

Plea Bargaining for DUI Cases in Vista Courts

Plea-bargaining for DUI cases in Vista courts need discussions with Vista Criminal Lawyer and the judges. During this procedure, the attorney negotiates his/her clients to get the best possible solutions. Settling cases decrease the expense and risk of trials because these can be dangerous for a client. A client could face higher penalties or serious convictions. If a defendant is not obtaining sufficient benefits from a settlement even with good defenses, the case will proceed to the jury trial. The risks in these trials may vary with background or record of defendants.

In DUI cases, plea bargaining may vary from decreasing penalties to charging to a minimal offense. With a valid defense, it is possible to dismiss a case. DUI cases may involve main factors, such as sobriety tests, the seriousness of driving, and attitude with an officer. Other important factors are the impact of conviction, drug issues, alcohol treatment, military service, life achievements, immigration, future plans, education, and occupation.

Some defense issues are really important, such as witness availability, testing, detention, and settlement discussions. Legal issues and factual problems with DUI cases may become significant. The main reasons for less lesser charges are alcohol levels or low drug.

Keep it in mind that DUI cases can be severe for you if you try to refuse a breath or blood test to determine BAC level. If your DUI case involves death or injury, the situation can be complicated for you. Over speeding is not allowed, so try to avoid this problem.

Ignition Interlock Devices (IID)

These are smaller than a cell phone, and the court may order you to attach these devices with your dashboard. The device contains a breathalyzer. You have to blow in this device before starting your vehicle. For too high register, the car may not start. The device may periodically call a driver to blow in a breathalyzer. You can’t flunk because the device can notify you to stop your vehicle and record a violation immediately. If a driver ignores this notification, the car will start flashing lights and make irritating sounds.

With DUI convictions, you can accelerate reinstatement of driver license with the installation of ignition interlock devices. If you are charged with driving on your suspended license, installment of an IID is necessary. It may help you in the reinstatement of your license. You should not drink alcoholic beverages before driving. Your carelessness may increase your trouble.





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