Published On: Sat, Jan 26th, 2019

From stray dog to movie star

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Given the popularity of the Mexican film “Roma” by Mexican award winning director Alfonso Cuarón, not only its star actress, Yalitza Aparicio has captured the spotlight but also the dog that appears in the film and has won the attention of many, his name: “El Borras“.

In a Facebook publication, veterinarian Adriana Cruz explained that the dog lived in street condition, tied with a wire to the wall of a vacant lot, malnourished, with bronchitis, fleas and a scabies skin infection, in addition, he was not able to retain food when eating.

The veterinarian shared that “El Borras” was about to die from starvation and thirst; but, it was rescued by Manuel Montero and Leonardo Serrano, professional canine trainers who had to hospitalized the animal.

Manuel Montero was required for the film by Mr. Alfonso Cuarón, since he was looking for a dog similar to the one he had while growing up. “El Borras” was almost identical.

The dog started to improve day by day and one morning took a ball in his snout. The vet called Mr. Montero to tell him that El Borras had grabed a ball and began to wag his tail. A few days later the canine started eating normally without throwing up and after many days of struggling against the ravages of abandonment, he began to trust people. Soon after, El Borras allowed himself to be caressed without fear and was ready to embark on the journey towards a new life.

El Borras with his favorite toy

“The dog was chosen for the casting and was taught tricks and obedience to participate in the film and always fulfilled all the scenes with great enthusiasm”, explained his coach Manuel.

All that “El Borras” needed was affection and an opportunity to be reinserted into society. He took it and now he is worldwide known, loved and a movie star… So, you see? dreams do come true.


The San Miguel Times



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