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How to Renovate Your Home with No Money?

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Do you want to change how your house looks, but you don’t want to go to anything drastic measures? We understand you don’t need to break the bank or your house to change how it looks. Just change a few things here and there, and you will be fine.

What to Do If You Have No Money?

If you want to change your mental outlook this New Year, then why don’t you try Home Remodeling? It will help, but this requires an investment. In case money is an issue, following we are giving a few tips that will help you make the best of what you have.

Get Help

Enlist the help of someone who has been through the renovation process. You must know someone who can be handy when it comes to household fixtures. Get someone with experience; it’s a good pool to source advice and information. You can find burro tools from them instead of renting.

It’s possible some of your friends would like to help you with the fixtures and renovations. So, take the help because you will need it.

Tape Measure

When you go out to buy something for your house, you better measure the designed spot and bring a tape measure along. Measure the appliance to see if it fits the allotted space or not. Don’t believe the initial temper tantrum that it won’t happen to you.

These precautions will keep you from returning your device. So, measure the space and device to save you the trouble. You need to have an open mind. Be patient and pay attention to detail. You don’t want to tackle projects you will unlikely finish. So, only hurt what you can kill. Have realistic expectation and set achievable goals.

Set Your Priorities

If you have a few dollars to spare, you better start with light fixtures. So think what you should do and don’t do.  You need to make a list of repairs needed around the house and prioritize them according to their significance. It will help set your mind straight.

You Only Get What You Pay for

When money is an issue, you may want to go with the cheapest option. But for your own sake, you better avoid it. You have to resist this urge and perform your research before buying anything. Find stuff that is worth the money, you shouldn’t go after a brand.  Cheap stuff will only ruin things for you.

Embrace Imperfections

There are high chances you won’t achieve your goals on the set deadline. So, you better learn how to embrace something that is anything less ok. Make peace with what you have at the moment and update it later when you have the money.


Remodeling Hacks You Should Try This New Year

Once you have the Money, you should consider doing the following:

Clean the Vinyl Sliding

Using Vinyl can make your home look vibrant for years. But after a while, they can start to look dingy. Home Renovation doesn’t need a top end architect; you can do the whole thing yourself with just a power wash. If you only clean the exterior of your house, it will revamp the whole building.

So, you need to look for simple and affordable solutions. Clean your vinyl siding with a scrub brush, garden hose, elbow grease, and good cleaner. It will change the look of your house. Don’t use power wash because it can damage the siding.

Repaint Your Front Door

It doesn’t matter whether your exterior has shingles, paint, siding, or stone. If you paint the front door, it will help improve the overall aesthetics of your home. You need to choose a bold color that matches the rest of your exterior while standing out from it. Your Door deserves a spotlight, so you should give it one.

If you don’t want to repaint your door, then you can at least change the house numberings or your mailbox. Repainting these things will give you a whole new vibe.

Paint the Walls

It’s very easy to paint a room yourself. You need to invest some time to assure quality results, especially during project setup. You need to prepare everything right at the start; this will make the painting process a whole lot easier.

Get the Things ready at the start. Get some drop clothes, PVC dots with the pain and brush. Prepping everything will save your time.

Try a Wallpaper

If you don’t want to repaint, then you can at least get wallpaper.  This is an easy way to update your walls. Yes, it can make some people cringe. If you are one of these, then you better skip it.

But if you are into them, then you better know these are stylish and affordable to update your space with the least investment. You can add whatever color and pattern you want with little commitment. So, size your walls carefully.

Revamp the Cabinetry

You need to refresh your cabinets or else they will make your kitchen look dreary.  You need to patient them, and if needed, you have to switch out the hardware for a better update. If you don’t want to paint the cabinets, then you can’t at least change one door from wood to glass. It will help you highlight your glassware and serving pieces.

Try a new Backspace

This is a quick renovation that gives off the impression of a bigger renovation. You need to try the peel and stick tile instead of investing in real tiles. You can do these yourself. Peel and stick tiles don’t need a complicated, expensive tool. Just cut the tiles with tin snips and stick them to the wall without any adhesive.

The Bathroom

Kitchen and Bathrooms are the best renovations if you want good ROI. In case you are not looking for a complete renovation, then at least you can update the hardware and fixtures. Yes, you can replace the cabinet pulls, tabs, showerhead, etc.

You can also replace the shower door and other small features. This can renovate your bathroom for mere hundreds of dollars instead of thousands. If our showerhead is broke, you don’t need to replace it with another expensive one.

You can easily install a handheld unit. Make your renovations more functional instead of aesthetically pleasing.

Try Wall-Art

If you want to change the look of your home, but don’t know where to start or don’t have much to invest, then try hanging wall-art. It can help you change the way your home looks by doing the least. But before you drill holes in the wall, you have to measure the wall and mark the respective space on your floor.

You need to cut out cardboard to the size of your artwork and affix them to the wall with removable adhesive. In case you don’t have framed pieces, you can also make do with some vintage artwork.

Window Coverings

Your window treatment has a dramatic effect in your room. So, you need to treat them right. Fortunately, you can enhance them without much effort. Just get some new shades, curtains, and rod with the right trim, finish, and size and you will be well off.

Update the Floor

If your floor is worn out, it will affect the whole room. But you can fix it with re-sanding and new finishing. If you want to afford them, then at least get a new carpet or use some hardwood flooring. It will cost you, but it’s perhaps the best approach to change how your house looks and fools.

If you are looking for an affordable alternative, then get some floor paint and peel and stick tiles.

Tips to Arrange Money

If you want to change the way your home looks, then there are a few finance options you can benefit from. Following, we are going to discuss a few ways you can obtain funds for the home remodeling:


If money is an issue, then you should get a roommate for a while. This will help you put together the money you need for remodeling. You have to post a note on the social network and classified websites. Just background everyone you interview

Rent Your Space on Vacation

Real Estate Value is on the rise, so it’s possible to cancel the private mortgage insurance. Most banks will let you drop your policy once you have 20% equity.

Try a Billboard

The marketing teams are also looking for homes that will turn themselves in billboards. If your local zoning laws and homeowner association let you paint the exterior of your home for an advertising message. Do it; this will help you save some money for renovations.

Amended Return

It’s easy to make a common homeowner tax mistake by not paying your deduction. So, don’t take the deduction when you remodel for a medical reason, or if your home was damaged.

You can easily amend your return and get a refund to help fund your renovation.

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