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Pastor of Orange County Faces Charges in San Diego County

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In Orange County, the head cleric of Methodist congregation was charged for molesting a young girl. As per prosecutor and police, the girl is under 14 years old.

John Rodgers McFarland worked at three churches of Orange County over the 30 years, was arrested in Escondido in December. The 66-years old man was working as a pastor. Prosecutor of San Diego County filed dual counts of lascivious acts on a minor against McFarland at the courthouse Vista. The charges stem from the incidents of 2012 and 2013 with a young girl.

Police of Fountain Valley had evidence against McFarland to prove his abusive activities. He had abused his victims while working as a pastor n Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley. He was working as a head pastor between 1988 and 2014 at Methodist Church of Fountain Valley. He was also working as a pastor at City Surf Church in Huntington Beach from 2009 – 2014.

Police searched at the home of McFarland after getting search warrants. They also explored three churches of Orange County where McFarland was working. The police didn’t indicate the execution of search warrants. Escondido’s police didn’t respond immediately for more information. The Vista Criminal Attorney of McFarland is not available to answer.

Just like any other state, violent crimes in Vista include murder, rape, robbery, and assault. The state has specific laws and penalties to punish guilty. Here are some common offenses and their penalties.

Consequences of Heroin Cases

Drug convictions related to heroin can change the life of the offender. You may lose your professional license and job. You have to face imprisonment and destruction of whole life. If you are wrongly charged with heroin-related crimes, you will need a qualified lawyer. An experienced attorney can explore all possible opportunities to save you. The police will check your background and conduct a forensic drug analysis.

If a person is charged with the possession of heroin in a small amount for his personal use, he may become a part of the diversion program, drug court or proposition 36 treatment. Your attorney may help you by representing you before a court to decrease your penalties.

A person who has a large quantity of heroin and involved in sales, he will not become a part of dispositions. The court may choose harsh penalties for you. Possession and sale of heroin is a crime, and you have to bear its consequences.

If you are convicted in crimes related to drugs, you must not give any statement to police before discussing this case with an experienced Vista Criminal Attorney. In California, possession of heroin for personal use is a misdemeanor, and the criminal has to spend one year in jail. The person will be registered as an offender of narcotics. Offenders have to pay significant fines. Penalties can be harsh if firearms are involved with drugs.

Battery and Assault

Battery means the use of violence or force on a person without his consent. Keep it in mind that assault is known as an attempted battery. These crimes are charged as felonies or misdemeanors. The battery may become a strike under specific laws. Penalties of these crimes include fines, prison time, jail, parole or probation.

Weapon, Assault Rifles, and Guns Offenses

Gun charges mean concealed firearms, brandishing firearms and unlawfully discharging firearms. You can’t hide a loaded firearm in your vehicle. Moreover, unlawful sale and possession of a firearm is also a crime. The violation act of national guns requires you to stay away from a silencer, machine gun, and other prohibited items. Violations in California include possession of switchblade, assault weapons and other similar items. If you are involved in these crimes, you should get ready for prison, jail, loss of rights to keep weapons, fines and other harsh penalties.

Vehicular Manslaughter and Murder

Murder is unjustified and unlawful, intentional killing of a person. Manslaughter means the illegal killing of a human without any intent to kill. Vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide means unlawful killing of a person without your plan to kill with your vehicle. These crimes are complicated and have harsh penalties. Some punishments include life in prison or the death penalty. Attempted murder or manslaughter are punished with probation or imprisonment.

Child Molestation Crimes

Several sex offenses involving the child molestation called for misdemeanor charges. These charges will have a devastating impact on the future of a convicted person. You may face a lengthy prison term and would be registered in the list of sex offenders for your remaining life. After child molestation or abuse charges, you will not be able to work in an organization with children. Moreover, the stigma attached to child molestation can irreparably harm your reputation. People around you will question your integrity.

If you are accused of child abuse or molestation, you should immediately contact a qualified child molestation criminal defense attorney. There is no need to wait for the police to arrest you or charge you.

hammer hand cuffs

Unwavering Attorney for People Accused of Child Molestation

You have to find a skillful defense against child abuse and molestation charges. A qualified and experienced attorney understands the nature of these sensitive cases. You can trust on a reputed lawyer to pursue each available option to protect your welfares. They know the tactics of prosecutors to get convictions in similar cases. A qualified child molestation criminal defense attorney has sound strategies to deal with prosecutors. An experienced lawyer can defend his/her client in different charges associated with child abuse and molestation, such as:

  • Molesting or annoying a minor
  • Statutory rape
  • Consistent sexual abuse
  • Sexual battery
  • Lascivious or lewd acts

Several people become victims of baseless accusations with a motive of revenge or malice. There are several cases where children, stepchildren or co-parents accuse a person of molestation to inflict harm. A qualified child molestation criminal defense attorney can aggressively deal with these accusations. He works hard to expose the truth to prove his client innocent.

Kinds of Penalties a Person Face

Based on the gravity of charges, an individual convicted of child abuse may spend his remaining life in prison. Any person who is in regular contact with children can be accused of child abuse and molestation. An accusation starts from one person and leads you to investigation and other criminal proceedings. This situation can ruin your life. Child abuse and molestation carry these penalties:

  • Mandatory registration in the list of sex offenders
  • Compensation to victims
  • Employment and social implications
  • Prison for almost 3 to 8 years for the first offense

Child molestation and abuse crimes can draw media attention easily. The accuser will face prosecution from his state and haters from juniors. You should seek the assistance of an experienced attorney, such as child molestation criminal defense attorney.

Once you are accused of any sex crime related to children, you can’t waste time because you are in deep trouble. Immediately seeks an attorney to represent you in the court. You have to act quickly and consult a qualified criminal defense attorney. He can protect your rights and ensure a fair trial and investigation. By working with an experienced and skilled lawyer, you can communicate your side of the story to jury and judges.

Consequences of Non-Violent Crimes

Non-violent and white-collar crimes also need an expert for your representation in the court. White-collar crimes are financially motivated offenses. These problematic cases involve internet-related evidence and computer. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can defend you in a better way. Famous white-collar crimes are counterfeiting, money laundering, insider trading, extortion, embezzlement, and bribery.

In California, charges of bribery may lead you to imprisonment of almost 15 years. The offender has to pay a fine after multiplying the amount of bribe by three. Corruption is common in the world, such as in business deals, legal procedures, and politics. Preferment, property, services, goods, and money are commonly used in bribery. Both parties (offering a bribe and accepting bribe) will be accountable for penalties. Bribery may occur in different settings and penalties may depend upon the person who is accepting a bribe.

Embezzlement is common in employment because a person may try to use the power of his position. A person who is involved in embezzlement may face dangerous consequences. The outcomes may depend on the criminal record of the offender. In California, misappropriation may lead you to imprisonment for almost 16 months. You have to pay fines to court. After embezzlement charges, your life will become extremely complicated. These charges can tarnish your reputation and make it difficult for you to do your job.

Another white-collar crime is extortion that happens when someone gets money or misuse his powers. Blackmailing is an essential form of extortion. The offenders often collect sensitive information about their victim to damage his/her reputation. Extortion charges may carry heavy charges and penalties. Your attempt to extortion can lead you to jail for almost one year.

A person who is accused of violent and non-violent crimes must expect tough prosecutors and jury members. In this situation, you will need a qualified attorney with experience of relevant cases.


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