Published On: Sun, Jan 13th, 2019

Where does the term “Huachicolero” come from?

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The origins of the Mexican word “huachicol” are associated with “güacho,” which in turn derives from the Mayan word “waach.” According to the Mexican Academy of Language (AML), this word means “thief.” It is also used by Yucatecans to name outsiders.

Over time, however, the suffix “-ero” was added to the noun, resulting in the modern term “huachicolero,” used in Mexico to designate people who adulterate alcohol to increase profit.

“Huachicol” or “guachicol” has two common definitions: First is an adulterated alcoholic beverage, mostly made out of sugar cane. This term is included in a text called “Términos de tequila,” from the Mexican magazine “Artes de México.”

The second refers to a sort of pole with a basket at its end which is used to pick fruit, according to the Mexican Spanish Dictionary (DEM), published by the College of Mexico (COLMEX).



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