Published On: Fri, Jan 25th, 2019

Zeferino Gutiérrez Park set to become the ideal space all San Miguel is waiting for

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According to Atención San Miguel, the Zeferino Gutiérrez Park is finally taking shape despite the delays.

To be located in an idyllic spot among mesquites and cactuses in a 28,000-square meter setting with a
breathtaking view, the Zeferino Gutiérrez Park, due to open this month, has made design changes that will delay
its opening until as late as October, according to workers involved in the construction in progress.

The park touches parts of the Obraje, San Luis Rey, and Aurora neighborhoods, and is located next to Distrito
Corazón, a new planned development in the Aurora neighborhood.

The changes to the park’s plans causing the delay include relocating a sculpture by Mexican artist José Luis
Cuevas named La Giganta to a different area of the park than planned. The sculpture, of a woman seen from the
front and a man seen from the back, will now be located over the park’s planned man-made lake, “like it’s
emerging from the water,” said one worker.

Currently, this sculpture, which the town bought for 350,000 pesos, stands on Paseo de los Conspiradores.
During the original public presentation of the plans for the park in March 2018, officials said that 44 percent of
the park would consist of green areas, while 34 percent would be concrete sidewalks and plazas. The park will
have an extension similar to Juárez Park, a sculptural space, and a gymnasium open to the public, as well as a
multipurpose area and an artificial lake. The existing ravine will be preserved.

zeferino gutierrez park

The construction, which began on March 20, 2018, and will cost 35 million pesos in municipal resources. The park’s name pays tribute to Zeferino Gutiérrez, the bricklayer and self-taught architect responsible for designing the San Miguel Parroquia’s distinctive façade in the 1800s.

The park is right next to the Distrito Corazón development zone, a 28-hectare space that will shelter not just a
housing development but also possible private plazas, green areas, and even hotels in the not so distant future, according to Abelardo Quero, director of the Urban Development Department.




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