Published On: Tue, Feb 12th, 2019

Lack of tourism promotion by AMLO’s new government puts the industry in risk: (Coparmex)

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In a visit to the city of Merida, Yucatán, where he held various private meetings, the National President of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic, (Coparmex), Gustavo De Hoyos Walther, warned that the dismantling of tools to support and promote the tourism sector puts in risk the growth and sustainability of this economic item.

De Hoyos Walther offered the conference “Three Challenges of Mexico Today” at the Anahuac-Mayab University. Previously, he held a press conference with local media to express his concern about the lack of public policies in the tourism sector since the new government of López Obrador, has shutdown or disappeared institutions and organizations that give support and impulse tourism promotion and diffusion.

He explained that Coparmex supports the actions that give impetus to the country’s growth and will remain critical of the conditions that limit security tasks and support the exercise of the development of free enterprise.

De Hoyos Walther said that Mexico has positioned itself as the 6th country with the greatest tourism attraction and to disappear and reduce the actions of institutions that give strength to this economic sector, establishes the possibility of losing competitiveness and diminishing the social impact that has been achieved.

“Mexico needs foreign investment and equilibrium conditions in order to reduce the social problems of the population. We are concerned about Mexico’s position on foreign policy regarding the situation in Venezuela. The government is taking sides with the dictators when traditionally our country has been on the side of society and democracy. “

The Coparmex establishes as a success the determination of salary increases, which will allow the population to improve their welfare levels, however, it does not agree with the budget reduction to INEGI, INE, the disappearance or reduction of tools and institutions such as PROMEXICO , INADEM and the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico (CPTM), in addition to the fact that FONATUR loses its posibilities to develop new tourist complexes and is focused solely on the so-called “Tren Maya” (Mayan Train).

The tourism sector is vital since it reports an important economic spill, has a huge social impact and the consumption of national products brings important benefits for the food and services sector for millions of Mexicans.

Gustavo De Hoyos Walther stressed that 2019 will be a complicated year.

San Miguel Times



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