Published On: Tue, Feb 19th, 2019

Water from the Allende dam is proposed for human consumption

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“Using water from the Allende dam for human consumption remains a future option for the Comonfort municipality,” said planning director Antonio Landin Moya.

In view of the depletion of the region’s aquifer, several options have to be considered, Antonio Landin said Comonfort still has optimum levels in the wells, but certainly a better use is necessary to guarantee the sustainability of the region.

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 “According to the municipal development plan projected in 2040, it is contemplated to apply saving strategies and above all, create a water culture and awareness among the citizenship. And the Allende dam water could be seen as one of the best alternatives”, said the director.

However, the official pointed out that the problem is the excessive use of water in agriculture, especially in irrigation district 085, so it must be technified in order to use part of the water from the dam.

“If the irrigation systems are improved, we estimate that with only 20% of all the water currently used, we could irrigate 100% of the surface, but we have to modernize and technify our irrigation systems”

Antonio Landin stated that, by the year 2040, there a greater population, larger industry and more agriculture, due to the growth of the metropolitan areas, so it will be required to produce more food with less water (the guideline to do more with less).

The aforementioned district 085, that includes the agricultural region of the north of Celaya and south of Comonfort on the margin of the Laja river, currently uses water of the Allende dam, but according to data from the federation, this is one of the less technified districts of irrigation in the country .

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