Published On: Mon, Mar 4th, 2019

Guanajuato: the highest rate of domestic violence nationwide

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Family violence is a worrying issue in Guanajuato. The recent figures from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System indicate that during January our state registered the highest number of emergency calls related to family violence at national level.

The figure registered at the beginning of 2019 by the state was 5,065 out of the 49,796 emergency calls. That is, the equivalent to 10.1% of the national total.

Guanajuato is above Sonora, with 5,053 cases; Nuevo León, with 4,548 calls and Mexico City, with 4,045 records.

Therefore, the SESNSP indicates that for every 100 thousand women, there are 162.3 emergency calls in the state that report family violence. This figure exceeds by 85.2 cases the national index, which is 77.1 emergency calls per 100 thousand women.

According to the data, despite the fact that from January 2017 to January 2018 the registration of emergency calls related to family violence decreased by 14% (7,663 fewer calls), by January 2019 this figure was 5% up, with an equivalent of 2,507 more calls.

On the other hand, Guanajuato was ranked eleventh in relation to emergency calls that reported partner violence, 658.


Therefore, in relation to its population, it turned out that for every 100 thousand women in Guanajuato there are 21 emergency calls for cases of domestic violence.

It is necessary to highlight that if the figures of January of each year are taken at national level, this index has increased from 2016 to 2019 by an alarming 103%. That is, during the past month there were 11,365 calls more than in January 2016.

Finally, out of the 12,579 emergency calls related to incidents of violence against women throughout the country, 464 calls were
registered Guanajuato.

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