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Mexico’s most nefarious politician makes headlines (again)

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The Mexican left has referred to him, as a person who portrays a negative image (to the left) because he is quarrelsome, conflictive and unproductive. His presence often makes legislative days into useless days.

His name is José Gerardo Rodolfo Fernández Noroña mostly known him simply as: “Fernandez-Noroña”.

Born in Mexico city in 1960 he is a politician recognized above all for his outbursts, temper tantrums, inflammatory statements, acts of protest and his recalcitrant love for socialism that smells like communism as long as it is for everyone else, since Mr. Noroña lives a good life, dines in quite fancy, expensive restaurants and drives a Volvo SVU valued in more money than 80% of Mexicans will make in a year’s salary.

But why is Fernandez Noroña news? Well, there is no politician in this country that attacks Canada, The UK and of course, the United States (no matter who its president is) and its politics as well as its capitalism system.

Fernandez Noroña has been arrested in multiple occasions in Mexico, but he has been immediately released since he had something called “fuero”. In the Mexican Constitution “Fuero” is a privilege held by members of Congress and other politicians, by virtue of which he or she cannot be prosecuted by the common courts, with the object of not hindering the exercise of their functions.

Fernandez Noroña in 2017 was removed but not arrested from Trump´s Tower for protesting against his political rhetoric.

Today Fernandez Noroña is back on the news… But this time not for being an open devotee of Nicolas Maduro´s regime (He is in Mexico his biggest supporter and defends and praises his regime). This time is for being spotted in Las Vegas airport by a Mexican business man from Saltillo Coahuila who asked him: “Why not vacation in Venezuela?”  After all, Fernandez Noroña is a staunch critic of the government of the United States, and a strong supporter of the dictatorial regime headed by Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

Me tope a @fernandeznorona en Las Vegas tratando de esconderse cobardemente en un libro. No me resistí a preguntarle que por q no vacacionaba en Venezuela. #Hipocrita pic.twitter.com/dd0xvyUJzI

— Mario Mata Quintero (@mariomataq) 26 de febrero de 2019

Businessman Mario Mata Quintero took advantage of the fact that he coincided with him in the line to pass migration to ask him: “Congressman, How come you not vacation in Venezuela? Or is your position on Maduro (and his regime) only for the social networks?

In an interview with Mexican newspaper EL HERALDO, the businessman from Saltillo said that the reaction of the federal congressman turned violent -as he usually gets-, but since they were in line to enter the United States, he had to moderate his language, which distinguishes him in the Mexican Congress by his usual expletives during his interventions.

After this happened, Fernandez Noroña took on against the Saltillo man. First he excused himself giving reasons why he was viting Las Vegas and other parts of the US, then he went on with offensive statements agains the businessman, degrading him in his social networks, but particularly indirectly inciting his vast amount of followers who afterwards bombarded Mata Quintero with agressive insults and even violent threats.

This is what Mexico is becoming to those who dare speak out against the new system.

The Yucatan Times

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