Published On: Fri, Apr 19th, 2019

“El Cumbias” killed a man at broad daylight in SMA

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On Thursday April 11th in San Miguel de Allende’s Colonia Loma Blanca , C├ęsar Ricardo decides to leave his home when Javier Alejandro alias “El Cumbias“, who was waiting outside of the house, carrying a firearm, without saying one word, shot him point blank, killing him right on the spot.

Residents of the Colonia Loma Blanca who witnessed the incident immediately called Emergency Number 911.

Javier Alejandro “El Cumbias” (Photo: PGE)

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office was informed of the facts and sent a Specialized Group in Homicide Investigation to the crime scene.

The murderer was able to flee the scene, but was detained hours later by agents of the Ministerial Police.

Alejandro is currently detained and linked to the process.

Agents of the Public Ministry of this city, granted a period of two months for the closing of the complementary investigation as a precautionary measure, and the suspect will remain on detention for the duration of the whole process.




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