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Hospital Faro del Mayab signs agreement with Christus Muguerza

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Hospital Faro del Mayab announced on Thursday May 2, a strategic alliance with the Christus Muguerza medical institution with presence in Mexico and the United States, which will be in charge of the administration and operation of this innovative state-of-the-art medical center, the best in southeast Mexico, which will begin operations in September this year.

Christus Muguerza is one of the most important private medical institutions in our country, socially responsible and recognized for its affiliation with Catholic doctrine. They started operations in the city of Monterrey in 1934, with the opening of the MUGUERZA® Hospital and they joined the CHRISTUS Health System in the year 2001.

Christus Muguerza has 10 hospitals in Mexico, with more than five thousand doctors attending over 510 thousand patients a year, with 290 thousand people in the emergency areas, and 5,800 employees throughout the country.

On Thursday May 2nd, in the facilities of the new hospital located in Santa Gertrudis Copó, Mérida, Yucatán; the general director of Christus Muguerza, Horacio Garza Ghio, explained that they have 150 years operating in the United States and 85 years of experience in Mexico. He said he feels very proud to know that  Christus Muguerza will now have presence in the Yucatán.

“We decided to join the efforts with these partners, when we heard them say: ‘We want to build the best hospital in Southeast Mexico‘, we immediately detected the incessant search for excellence and continuous improvement, and that’s why we are here today” Garza Ghio stated.

General Director of Christus Muguerza, Horacio Garza Ghio (Photo: TYT)

On the other hand, the general director of the Hospital Faro del Mayab, Jorge Marcos Martínez, declared that the new facilities have more than 25 thousand square meters of construction, that the complex will be able to attend more than 120 thousand emergencies a year, with the capacity for more than 18 thousand hospitalized patients annually. The project will initially offer 250 highly specialized well paid direct jobs and 750 indirect jobs, but as they reach their maximum capacity, Faro del Mayab will have more than 600 direct collaborators and more than 1,500 indirect ones.

General Director of Hospital Faro del Mayab, Jorge Marcos Martínez (Photo: TYT)

Mr. Juan José Ramírez Zapata, President of the Council of the Hospital Faro del Mayab said he was very happy and proud of the partnership with Christus Muguerza, and added: “Health for us is not just a service, it is a passion, and the mission and vision and values ​​that we share with an institution like Christus Muguerza will give a great strengnth to that effort we are undertaking together today”.

“Today, the Hospital Faro del Mayab and Christus Muguerza make a dream come true, turn it into a reality and a commitment, we will offer a service of excellence, in an intelligent building, with state-of-the-art technology and innovative equipment”,  Ramírez Zapata continued.

The President of the Council of the Hospital Faro del Mayab stated that their commitment is with society: “we will also have affordable costs, we want to be an inclusive medical center and an institution with great social responsibility”

Mr. Juan José Ramírez Zapata, President of the Council of the Hospital Faro del Mayab, and Horacio Garza Ghio, General Director (CEO) of Christus Muguerza, signed during the ceremony, a collaboration agreement. (Photo: TYT)

For his part, the medical director of the Hospital Faro del Mayab, Dr. José Luis Araujo Barrera, said that the new medical center will serve the Yucatecans with the latest technology for the care of diseases, and will promote the most advanced practices in medicine.

“We do not want to be an elite hospital, but an inclusive one, that can solve problems, that can be affiliated with philanthropic institutions, that can bring health to the needy, and that serves insurers as a source to solve health problems of their policyholders. “Araujo Barrrera said.

A particularity of the Hospital is that it will have a special area for medical tourism, Juan José Ramírez Zapata said that in Yucatán, “around eight thousand foreigners live permanently , that is why we need to support medical tourism. Besides, 40,000 foreigners (known as “snowbirds”) come to spend six months in the Yucatán Peninsula every year, “, and we also seek to obtain international certifications to validate their insurance policies and procedures” he stated.

(From left to right) José Enrique Martínez Palomeque, Merida City Hall official; Dr. Teresa Ochoa Cisneros, Partner Investor Faro del Mayab; Alberto Sánchez Villareal, COO Christus Muguerza; Lic. Juan Jose Ramírez Zapata, President of the Faro del Mayab Council; Horacio Garza Ghio, CEO Christus Muguerza; Dr. Alberto Cervera, SSY; Jorge Marcos Martínez, CEO Faro del Mayab; Dr. Jose Luis Araujo Barrera, Medical Director Faro del Mayab; Arturo Sánchez Andrade, SEFOTUR (Photo: TYT)

Hospital Faro del Mayab is considered as a “level three” medical facility, which refers to the kinds of resources available in a trauma center and the number of patients that can be admitted on a yearly basis. Meaning also that Faro del Mayab will be the largest and most important hospital in the region, in addition to complying with all hygiene, safety and space standards required by the Joint Commission International, an organization that accredits eight types of health care programs: hospitals, academic medical center hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, clinical laboratories, home care facilities, long term care facilities, medical transport organizations, and primary care centers.

The mission of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations is to continuously improve the safety and quality of care provided to the public through the provision of healthcare accreditation and related services that support performance improvement in health care organizations.

Hospital Faro del Mayab is one of the few hospitals in Mexico that will boast the Joint Commission International Accreditation.

by Alejandro Azcárate for The Yucatan Times

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