Published On: Fri, Jun 7th, 2019

Mexico will not stop the flow of migrants: AMLO

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Mexico City (TYT) –  Regarding Donald Trump’s statement that “his country does not need Mexico, but Mexico does need the United States” Lopez Obrador responded with a smaile and a gesture of peace and love.

López Obrador explained that the new created Mexican National Guard will support migratory functions, but will not stop the flow of migrants from Central America on the country’s southern border.  This after Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard reported that he proposed to the U.S. government to send 6,000 elements of the National Guard to the border with Guatemala, in the midst of negotiations for tariffs.

“Yesterday, Marcelo Ebrard announced that the National Guard will act on the southern border and in accordance to our laws, they will help in tasks of support for migratory functions and protection. AMLO said. He also said that the reason behind those actions is not stopping the flow of immigration like Trump demands but a national public safety plan.

Regarding Trump´s statement about how his country does not need Mexico, but Mexico does need the United States, Lopez Obrador smiled, responded with a gesture of peace and love. After that, he said: “I own my silence.”

He reiterated his confidence in reaching an agreement with the United States on the issue of tariffs.

“I see that they are doing well, that the negotiations have not broken down, that they have not stopped at the table. It is good that there is communication and dialogue, there is time (…) it is still Friday and there is dialogue and agreement can be reached, I am optimistic” (SIC).

The Yucatan Times



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