Published On: Wed, Jun 12th, 2019

Mezcal – It’s Smoking Hot in SMA

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When Jonathan Lockwood isn’t plying his trade as a professional voice actor, he no doubt is working on another passion – Mezcal.  Shortly after Jonathan moved to San Miguel de Allende in 2014, he attended a local event called Sabores San Miguel where he was re-introduced to Mezcal.   He had downed some shots many years earlier at a Michigan bar and, as he recalled, it wasn’t very good.  Fast forward to Sabores San Miguel where he shelled out some pesos for a sampling.  Some good, some interesting, some persistently revolting, as he so eloquently put it.    But one thing is for sure, he was drawn to the art of making Mezcal. 

Jonathan Lockwood

Following a memorable trip to Oaxaca, Jonathan observed how Mezcal was made artisanally.  He then began to work on his own brand by bringing in shipments from Oaxaca to San Miguel de Allende.  Jonathan’s local brand is Guiño Guiño and you may have seen him selling it at local events and tasting. Mezcal has become a hot item in San Miguel de Allende but many of us have limited knowledge about it such as it’s history, how it compares to Tequila, and so on.  The Midday club of San Miguel de Allende is pleased to present this presentation on Mezcal with our city’s most knowledgeable expert.  You’ll learn more about this regionally enchanting concoction and you’ll have an opportunity to have a taste.    

Jonathan Lockwood began a 15-year broadcasting career, leaving radio in 1998 to pursue recording commercials for radio and TV full time. He recently built a home here where he continues to record voiceovers for clients worldwide from his recording studio in San Miguel de Allende.  

By: Skip Essick

Presentation: Mezcal – It’s Smoking Hot in SMA
Date, time: Tuesday, June 18th, 9:00 AM
Where: San Miguel Essen
Address: Stirling Dickinson 28
Cost: Free/Breakfast 100 pesos

Join us on Tuesday, June 18th and find out why Mezcal is Smoking Hot in SMA

We’re located at Cafeteria San Miguel Essen, next to the yellow caboose on Sterling Dickenson.  Doors open at 9 AM with an optional breakfast for $100 pesos per person. 

The presentation will begin at 9:30 and is free.



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