Published On: Wed, Jun 12th, 2019

Works in Progress: A Literary Feast in SMA

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On Thursday, June 13 from 5 to 7 PM at the Aldea Hotel we all have the opportunity to hear ten of San Miguel’s finest writers reading from a current, as yet unpublished, work. “Works in Progress” is one of the Literary Sala’s most popular annual events. You will hear a sampling of some of the best writers working here today, including fiction, nonfiction, memoir, essays, and poetry.

The writers who are scheduled to read on June 13 are Ron Alexander, Pat Hall, Kim Curtis, Elsmarie Norby, Frank Thoms, Marly Swick, Tirha Mukhopadhyay, Fredrika Springle, Gaia Schilke, and Lynda Schor.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the highlights of the literary year here in San Miguel, when you will experience first hand why San Miguel has earned its reputation as one of the world’s top literary destinations. Admission is $100 pesos for non-members, $50 pesos for members of the Literary Sala.

San Miguel has become a world destination for literary and cultural tourism commensurate with its status as a World Heritage Site. Though its literary life is not as visible as its many galleries of art, sculpture, and crafts, or its rich offerings of music, drama, and performing arts, nevertheless, hundreds of writers, squirreled away in their writing studios overlooking colonial courtyards or distant views of town, are writing every day!

They write with passion, excitement, and sometimes creative struggle, earnestly learning more about the craft of writing, expressing their innermost thoughts. Writers write, not simply to recorded what is already in their heads. They write to discover what is there. Inspiration comes to them only when they are working. It is the process of writing itself that leads to innovation and true creativity.

Works in Progress: / A Literary Feast

Second Event

So many writers hoped to present their works on June 13, that we have created a second event when we will present ten additional writers. That event, called “San Miguel Writers Read from their Work,” will take place on Thursday, June 20 in the Sala Literaria in Bellas Artes. Admission will be free. Readers for that event include Margaret Tallis, Margot Duell, Ariel Adams, Robin Rogers, Sharon Jeffers, Mariana Ratna Dakini, Amy Cotler, Linda Sonna, Gabriella Brie, and Eva Hunter.

Thursday, June 13 | 5–7 PM | Hotel Posada de Aldea, Ancha de San Antonio 15 | $100 pesos ($50 pesos for members) | Complimentary Wine Reception



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