Published On: Thu, Jul 18th, 2019

Maria Doll Relaxing in San Miguel

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With all the publicity surrounding the Otomi-made Maria doll recently from being a hot air balloon circling the globe to the recent release of the Maria Doll Doors, a San Miguel based art project, Maria still has time to relax.

The rag-doll was made by Otomi grandmothers to teach their grandchildren how to sew long before the Spanish arrived.  With the conquistadors came a new name, Maria, in honor of the Virgin Mary with the male doll being called Jose in honor of St. Joseph.

Despite Maria’s image being currently featured on clothing, best-selling books on town (San Miguel de Allende Secrets), paintings, purses and much else our resident super-model still finds time to relax.  Like many of us, Maria’s hobbies include shopping, travel, indulging in a new hair style and taking care of her family.



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