Published On: Sun, Jul 7th, 2019

Mexico breaks violence record in June with 2,249 murders

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In the month of June there were 2,249 homicides and it became the most violent month in the nation’s history.

The figures of murdered people began to be rise in 2007 and since then there has not been such a high number of homicides in one single month.

According to Mexico City based newspaper Milenio, during the month of June 2019, 70 murders were committed. The data indicates that the number of murders committed in January 2019 was 49. 4 per day.

In June 2018, 1,246 murders were committed and in June 2019 the figure went up to 2,249, which is equivalent to an increase of 80.4 percent.

The numbers indicate that in the first six months of 2018 7,954 murders were committed and that in the first semester of 2019 there were 9,446 murders, which represents an increase of 20 percent.

The number of violent murders during June per state:

  • Jalisco 206
  • State of Mexico 202
  • Baja California 181
  • Guanajuato, 176
  • Michoacán 151
  • Guerrero, 136
  • Veracruz, 131
  • Colima 129

The states where the least killings were committed in June were Yucatan, where only one homicide was committed; in Baja California Sur with two murders; and in Campeche, with five. Durango and Aguascalientes with six each.

San Miguel Times Newsroom



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