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Murders in CDMX reveal Mexican-Israeli “connection”

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CDMX Mexico (Excélsior) – Benjamín Yeshurun Sutchi and Alon Azulay, the men who died after an attack on Artz Pedregal, sold weapons, drugs and had criminal records in both their native Israel and Mexico.

Sources close to the investigation told Excélsior that the suspects were linked to the distribution of weapons to cartels in the south-southeast of the country. In addition, federal corporations indicated that they intended to reactivate their contacts to distribute drugs via casinos.

The Attorney General’s Office said the hit could have been “arranged” by the Israeli mafia, so the version of the crime of passion was discarded. Sutchi was arrested in 2005 by Gabriel Regino, whom the Israeli offered a million dollars to set him free, was revealed.

“In a wild, cynical attitude, in a fluent Spanish he says to me: ‘and why do you want to stop me, to earn one more star in your uniform? That has no case, I give you a million dollars right now at this time and you let me continue working,” he told this newspaper.

Meanwhile, a video of the restaurant where the aggression occurred shows that a woman was living with the victims at the time of the attack.

In the footage broadcasted by Imagen Noticias with Ciro Gómez Leyva, it is observed how this woman, with blonde hair and robust complexion, only retreats a little during the shootings; then she stands up and flees the scene.

The Israelis executed… drugs and weapons
Both the Israeli embassy and local authorities confirmed that they had criminal records. The Israelis killed Wednesday afternoon after being shot in Artz Pedregal Square were engaged in the drugs and weapons black market, and had criminal records both in their country of origin and in Mexico.

According to sources close to the investigation, Benjamin Yeshurun Sutchi, 44, and Alon Azulay, 41, would distribute weapons for cartels in the south-southeast of the country.

According to federal police corporations, the victims had been in the country for more than five months and were trying to reactivate their contacts to distribute drugs through different casino establishments.

Officially, the Attorney General’s Office said yesterday that the direct attack on Benjamin Yeshurun Sutchi, who died at the site of the aggression, and Alon Azulay, who died minutes later in a hospital, could have been “arranged” by the Israeli mafia, stated Ulises Lara Lopez, spokesman for the agency.

“According to the progress of the investigations of yesterday’s event (Wednesday), they lead us to relate the facts with arrangements between criminal groups and/or organized crime,” said the new spokesman for the PGJ.

Originally at the press conference, it was said that the motive was a “passionate crime of revenge”, claimed by the woman arrested. This was later discarded after Israel’s embassy in Mexico identified its citizens as criminals and local media in that country said the murders could trigger a series of setbacks in Tel Aviv.

Alon Azulay escaped from Israel more than two decades ago and his whereabouts were unknown. He had compacted a sentence for manslaughter. As for Yeshuru Sutchi, Tel Aviv’s Channel 12 said he was linked to the well-known Israeli criminal Erez Akrishevsky, who after escaping to Mexico 18 years ago was arrested last week and deported to his country.

Both Yeshuru Sutchi and Akrishevsky arrived in Mexico in 2001 after escaping from prison after being sentenced to 17 years in prison for attempted murder of the son of Israeli criminal Ezekiel Aslan. Yeshuru Sutchi led the distribution of drugs in bars in Polanco and was linked to the murder of Colombian drug trafficker José Omar Gallegos Castaño.

In 2004 the Israeli police, through a red Interpol file, alerted the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic about the danger of Benjamin, who was supported by George Khouri Layón, “El Coqui” involved in the execution of a businessman named Eduardo Salazar Bracamontes, according to a statement made by Jacobo Tagle Dobín before the Federal Public Ministry, detailed yesterday the “Asociación Alto al secuestro” (Stop Kidnapping Association)

Reports from federal authorities relate Ben Sutchi with members of the Beltran Leyva Cartel, specifically with Edgar Valdes Villarreal.

Interpol pointed out that Benjamín Yeshurun Sutchi was extremely high trained in combat techniques and had criminal connections of international relevance.

The other shooting
It started 19 minutes earlier. At 1707 hours two subjects arrived at the mall in a blue Nissan Versa, descended and faced a policeman. One of the men, with a high-powered rifle, fires shots into the air, disarms the officer, turns on his own axis, points in all directions and reopens fire on a patrol car that was parked in front of the shopping center.

The police unit moves away and the other subject, with a short weapon, also opens fire. The bullets burst the medallion and two projectiles reach the shoulder and neck of the uniformed officer Ivan Barrios Reyes.

Visitors of Artz run scared after hearing the shots. The aggressors get in the car and run away. The roar of the bullets was, apparently, the signal for the hitmen to get up from the table and kill the Israelis.25 segundos les tomó asesinar a los dos israelíes y huir del restaurante Hunan, en #PlazaArtzPedregal. #ImagenNoticias obtuvo estos videos del interior del restaurante: pic.twitter.com/dZnw79L67E

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