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Technology Help You to Protect Your Teen without Being Overprotective

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Parents all the time keep worried about their teenagers because they face many threats and avoid to discuss with their parents. Sometimes, ensuring a teenager’s security can be overwhelming. 

I had noticed when children entered in teenage they become bit rebellious. They ask parents to permit them to stay at a friend’s house, to attend parties and many other functions. They like to spend more time with their friends. When parents don’t allow them to stay out of home for a night, they complain to parents that they are becoming overprotective. It is not an easy task to protect your children from threats like substance abuse, sexual harassment, online predators, and many others.

It is a scary reality that you can compare a teenager’s mind with break free car. They don’t listen to any advice and love to spend a free life.

1.      Have Some Conversation

It is necessary to spend some time with your children. You can discuss with them about your experiences which you have faced in your life and tell your children how to handle situations which goes against their security.


Ask your children don’t share inappropriate pictures on their social media accounts. Many people can misuse their photos in a negative context. You must make your teen responsible that it is the age of technology, and people can edit pictures and share them to make you embarrassed.

Don’t Share Personal Information

Children use to share their personal information on the internet. They share their mobile number, address, important dates on social media accounts. Aware them a random person can easily use your personal information for illegal activities. 

Discourage Them to Share Live Location

It is a new trend on social media that people share their live location. You can teach your son or daughter that if they share their live location on their social media, a random person can easily approach them.

2.      Protect Your Child from Social Media Risk

Being aware of your teen from trolling, cyberbullying, isolation, inappropriate relationships is the first step in helping children to manage risk like cyberbullying.

3.      Set Screen Limit

It is the most important but challenging step to set the screen limit. Don’t allow your children to use his/her mobile, tablet, or laptop every time. Allow them for one to two hours. Also, keep a check on what they use to watch and focus on what they are doing on their devices.

You can ask them different questions like

  • Where is my son/daughter looking for information? Either the site is reliable or not?
  • What kind of apps and games have they installed in their mobiles?
  • Are they using their phones or laptops for procrastination or distraction?

4.      Locate Location When They Are Out

Many parents question what they can do to protect their children when they are out of home. Like other teens, your child also likes to spend time out with friends. When they get together after midnight, nothing happens good. As a teen’s parents, it is your job to protect your child from risky things that could occur.

If you allow your teen to spend time with friends and now you are worried, then it is natural. Naturally, parents become anxious when their children spend more time out. They can involve in many illegal activates. To keep a check on them or locate their location, you can install a tracking app on your mobile. Like many tools, apps, and software are available, which allow you to track a cell phone location for free. You can search for these apps on the internet. In this way, you can easily keep a check without being overprotected.

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