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The majestic vineyards of San Miguel de Allende

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The scent of lavender invades my senses and fills me with a feeling of well-being. A world apart, the earthly paradise that is the Holy Trinity (Santìsima Trinidad) is one of the jewels of the coveted world-class destination of San Miguel de Allende.

vnedos en san miguel de allende

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Article by Melanie Béard

In this magical town, full of culture, stories and traditions, we splashed with the color of its cobbled alleys, the architecture of the old houses, museums and actors dressed at the time that recreate the most significant events of yesteryear. It is here that an Eden has been created that transports us through the senses and immerses us in worlds of hedonism: the Holy Trinity.

viñedos en san miguel de allende

© Foto Bleu&Blanc viñedos en san miguel de allende

The San Miguel de Allende Experience

Vineyards, olive trees and land: this is what this innovative real estate development consists of. With a panoramic view of lavender fields, olive trees and located between vineyards, its boutique hotel has a unique and very own style. This magnificent and beautiful hotel is a building of sophistication and exquisiteness which taste and style has no equal anywhere in the world.

experiencias vinicolas en san miguel de allende

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Walking among its vineyards, walking along the shore of its lakes, resting by its pool or enjoying the panoramic view from the terrace of my room, I find in the Holy Trinity something magical that I can not explain, something that lingers in the air itself, which surrounds us and makes us fall in love with the place.

gastronomia san miguel de allende

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In the second hotel of this Eden, Rancho San Lucas, we cannot avoid getting carried away by the excellent wines by the expert and talented winemaker Mailén, who takes us on a journey through the senses, delighting in the exquisite elixirs that are created here.

vides de vino

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Vineyard-Hotel in San Miguel de Allende

Viñedos San Francisco, with only fourteen rooms, this the third stage of this unique project. An environment of natural beauty, refined style and good taste make this special place the ideal destination for those of us looking for a haven of peace and beauty in Mexico.

This is the kind of accommodation where the guest only responsibility is to enjoy, learn and relax contemplating a wonderful landscape.

A magical and special place that offers more than a lifestyle. This is a unique space in the country, where we are instantly transported to worlds of pleasure, hedonism, comfort and enjoyment.

bodegas de vinos en guanajuato

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Surrounded by pure nature, vineyards and artificial lakes, I find inner peace and moments of contemplation. No doubt an experience that slowly moves me away from the reality of everyday life.

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