Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2019

Discovery Channel photographer murdered in Acapulco

Discovery Channel Photography Director for Latin America, Erick Castillo Sánchez was murdered on the night of September 11 in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. Apparently for resisting an assault when he was with his wife in front of a convenience store.

Erick Castillo Sánchez was on vacation in Acapulco, after finishing a project for the Discovery Channel. The 46 year- old photographer fro Chiapas, was also a collaborator in the Academy Award winning film “Rome”,  directed by Alfonso Cuarón.

Castillo Sánchez and his wife descended from their vehicle at the convenience store located in Playa Bonfil, when four other subjects got out of a SUV, and after exchanging some words with the victim, shot him in the head. The first reports point to an attempt to steal the Castillo Sánchez vehicle.

The photographer’s wife, Estefanía Carpio (who is also a photographer), told the ministerial authorities that when they got out of their car and stepped into the store, four men approached them and ordered her to step aside, when she heard the shot, she ran to seek refuge, and moments later she realized that her husband was dead. She didn’t notice in which direction the murderers fled.

Erick Castillo was a cinematographer of film, advertising and documentaries, and collaborated with Discovery Channel and Nat Geo. He was also the director and founding partner of Cronos Pictures SA de CV.

In 2007 he was a member of the jury of the Mexican Association of Independent Filmmakers (AMCI) during the delivery of Claquetas AMCI recognition, on its 23rd anniversary.

Source: The Baja Post



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