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Young couple helps stray animals at Moka & Kofi in León, Gto.

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León, Guanajuato.- Skinny, fat, hairy or hairless, all dogs and puppies that come to Sara and Eduardo are welcome and helped in one way or another, this couple is dedicated to offer stray dogs and cats a better quality of life.

Both are originally from Monterrey, but a few years ago they decided to move down to León to start a business, a “pet-friendly” coffee shop where people could go with their pets, that’s how they opened “Moka & Kofi“.

Eduardo and Sara

“We have never turned our backs on the puppies or the kittens that live in the streets. At first those who helped us were our parents. When we came to live here in León, we came up with the idea of ​​setting up a coffee shop that was pet-friendly, because we noticed that there weren’t many spaces like that down here, ”Eduardo explains.

They have two dogs and five cats at home. Sometimes they must juggle in order to house the occasional dog or cat that arrives at the door of their cafeteria located on Morelos Boulevard almost at the corner with Ibarrilla, in the city of León, Guanajuato.

If the animals arrive injured, they take them with a vet, most of the time they have to pay the bills for the consultations and medications from their own pocket, although their clients and the community they have forged help them, so that they can continue to pay for the expenses.

Although they are dedicated to helping dogs and cats, they are not constituted as an association or rescue group. But many people think the are and bring them stray dogs and cats to the coffee shop, so Sara and Eduardo take them to the vet, but they do not have the resources or space to house them all.

What really makes them happy is to see that, in many cases, the dogs are able to find a home, someone who loves them and takes care of them, and that at the same time, these dogs make their ‘humans’ happy.

Such is the case of ‘Waffle’, a puppy that was found near Sara and Lalo’s business, which they of course housed and sheltered. He was taken to the vet because his skin was badly hurt; and when he healed, he was adopted by a boy suffering from depression.

“The family that adopted Waffle came and told us that their son was having depression problems, and when he saw Waffle‘s case online, he was interested in taking care of him. So the kid’s mom came by the coffee shop, said they had never had a dog but wanted to make the effort to adopt Waffle for her son. They took the dog, and they just came back a week ago to tell us that they were very happy with the puppy because it has helped them to unite as a family, they adore Waffle, they claim he is super intelligent, obedient and loving ” Eduardo and Sara said.

“In the city of León, Guanajuato, there is a lot to be done to raise awareness among the population on how to deal with stray animals, that is why we will continue to strive and try to encourage others to contribute and help these poor beings, perhaps not keeping them forever, but maybe just taking them to receive medical attention, and help them find a home. In fact, third parties can also contribute with financial or in-kind donations”, Eduardo and Sara concluded.

For donations contact them at

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