Published On: Sat, Oct 12th, 2019

“Avocados From Mexico” will be back for its sixth straight Super Bowl

The avocado marketer has featured celebrities and humor in each of its past Super Bowl spots. And it seems like 2020 will not be the exception.

Avocados From Mexico: First Draft Ever 15 -2

Avocados From Mexico will be back with its sixth consecutive Super Bowl commercial, the produce marketer’s president and CEO, Alvaro Luque, said Saturday at the ANA Masters of Marketing conference.

The marketing company with a mission of increasing the consumption of avocados from Mexico in the U.S. was created in 2013. It has seen increased brand awareness since airing its first Super Bowl commercial back in 2015. Running a spot during the game is a major part of its marketing strategy, but the marketer is also looking to promote the fruit—yes, it’s a fruit—beyond football season.

Plans include opening a restaurant in Dallas later this year. The marketer has a chatbot and other digital marketing to get shoppers to think about using avocados in different ways and throughout the year. It’s also building out Avocado Nation, a social network for avocado fanatics set to launch in December.

Avocados From Mexico has advertised during the Super Bowl each year since 2015, when its first big game spot featured a draft with animals, including a polar bear, instead of footballers. The brand has not said what the theme of its 2020 Super Bowl ad will be but if past work is any indicator, it will likely feature a celebrity in a humorous plot.

In 2019, Avocados From Mexico’s Super Bowl spot featured Kristin Chenoweth and turned the idea of a dog show on its head, with the dogs putting their humans through the event. That was the brand’s first Super Bowl spot from EnergyBBDO, which it hired in 2018 and which is working on the spot for 2020.

“We thought we had a brand, but really, we didn’t,” Luque said of the early days of Avocados From Mexico. While it had 65 percent market share, consumer brand preference was 20 percent. Now, it says, that consumer brand preference has risen to 60 percent.

And those Super Bowl spots? The fruit marketer has seen more than 27 billion brand impressions from the past five Super Bowl campaigns, Luque said. And sales of avocados in the four weeks leading up to the annual sit-in-front-of-the-tv-and-eat-guacamole event are up 73 percent, he said.




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