Published On: Tue, Oct 29th, 2019

Enjoying the Dead in San Miguel

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Join the longest-running and best rated Day of the Dead tour guide that, literally, wrote the best-selling book on Day of the Dead in San Miguel. 


·       How we bring back the deceased for yet one more fiesta

·       What happens if your future tomb taxes are unpaid

·       How the Mexican view of death affects your daily life

·       What has been going on around town this week

The tour is led by Joseph Toone, author of the best-selling Day of the Dead book in the series San Miguel de Allende’s Secrets and our top ranked tour guide by TripAdvisor.  

Last year Toone starred in the documentary explaining Day of the Dead aired throughout China.  The irony of someone from the US explaining Day of the Dead, in English, and in Mexico, to a Chinese audience was not lost on him.

To understand what goes on this time of year Camino Silvestre’s Salon Nectar at Correo 43 is hosting a wry and witty explanation led by Joseph Toone.  The workshop is being held Friday, November 8th at 5PM and is free.

To book a Day of the Dead guided tour with Mr. Joseph Toone send an email to:



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