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What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent: 7 Key Traits to Have

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Are you wondering what makes a good real estate agent? If yes, you should click here to learn some traits of good realtors.

There are millions of real estate agents across the globe and likely hundreds in your immediate region. Are you trying to find yours?

Not every agent is the same. If you work with a bad agent, you could experience a terrible real estate transaction and lose out on tens of thousands of dollars.

What makes a good real estate agent anyway? Read on and discover the seven key traits that every agent should have.

  1. Expertise in Technology and Marketing

The age of the internet has changed the way real estate agents find potential buyers. Almost all home buyers use the internet to search through houses in their area. If you want people to find yours, you’ll need a real estate agent that knows how to market online.

They may have an online platform through a website or blog, directing online buyers towards their current listing. E-flyers and virtual tours are also great ways to stage and display a home online.

Even homebuyers can take advantage of a real estate agent who knows the latest technology. They can streamline the process and email comprehensive listings or take advantage of search features to help you find your dream home.

Some of these technologies are even available to you, the seller. This real estate agency provides the information and tools you need to sell your home without the help of an agent.

  1. Tenacity is What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent Great

To be tenacious is to be persistent and determined. To find success when buying or selling a home, it’s all about chasing leads. You want an agent that will bridge that gap as soon as possible, hungry to make a sale.

It may seem overbearing at first, but a great agent should perform an immediate follow-up after an important real estate event. They’ll contact you first and stay in contact, always working for you and your best interests.

Since a real estate agent is paid by commission, they only win when you do. A tenacious agent will do everything in their power to make the real estate process as fast as possible.

  1. Local Real Estate Experience

When people discuss the real estate market, it usually has a generalized, country-wide scope. But the local real estate market can differ from national headlines. Even across neighborhoods, buyers and sellers have different expectations and value homes to different standards.

Great agents will have experience in your neck of the woods — or close to it. Online research can help you and your agent, but it’s no substitute for personal knowledge.

When you’re choosing an agent, ask them how many homes they’ve sold or purchased in your area code. You’re better off looking elsewhere if they haven’t dealt with one.

  1. Expansive Network

It takes more than you and your real estate agent to sell or buy a home. It’s a collaborative effort across a variety of different disciplines and creeds. For one, your real estate agent should have a good rapport with other agents who can help them discover leads.

Consider all the professionals you need to scout out a home. You’ll have to deal with a home inspector if you’re buying or selling, as well as appraisers and mortgage lenders.

Imagine navigating this minefield without the help of an agent. You’ll be perusing over reviews, phone books, and online directories, still unsure if you’re hiring the right person.

Great real estate agents have connections and can create a reliable team for a streamlined process.

  1. Top-Notch Interpersonal Communication

Communication is everything. What are your needs when buying or selling a home? What are you looking for?

These are basic questions that an agent should assess in the early stages, and they won’t do a great job discovering this information with poor social skills. There should always be an open channel of communication during business hours — or later, even.

If they’re clammy or too professional for your liking, you’ll both have a hard time expressing important information. That can come back to bite you later on or lead to time wasted during house hunting.

  1. Proactive Mindset

An experienced real estate agent knows what to expect and understands the process. You’ve hired them for a reason. It should never feel like they’re dragging their feet.

They should always be in charge of the situation, leading you through pitfalls that haven’t yet become a problem, such as market considerations or property issues.

In short, an effective agent is a problem solver. They won’t be thrown for a loop if the unexpected happens, because they’ve already prepared a contingency plan.

  1. Pleasant Personality

Nobody wants to work with a grouch. Not you, not the home inspector, and certainly not a potential homebuyer. A sociable personality is one of the most powerful tools in a real estate agent’s toolbox.

For one, it’s a necessity during negotiations. A bit of charm can go a long way in convincing someone to lower their listing price or buy your home.

But you also want to like the agent you’re working with. You know that gut feeling you get when you’re unsure of someone or not very fond of them? Follow it and find an agent worth being around.

It’s Time to Find the Perfect Real Estate Agent

With so many agents practicing across the glove, finding the one meant for you can be a hassle. But now that you know what makes a good real estate agent, you’re ready to start your search.

Look through reviews of highly-rated agents in your area. Once you’ve collected a few numbers, give them a call and interview your agent. It’s a surefire way to discover if they have the seven key traits you’re looking for.

For more housing advice, check out our real estate category.

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