Published On: Fri, Jan 10th, 2020

How to Choose the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

The only thing more exciting than celebrating your wedding with your loved ones is celebrating your honeymoon with your new bride or husband. Now that the stress of the wedding is over, you can relax and think about your life together. But how do you decide where you want to go? Should you take your honeymoon overseas, somewhere close, or in the same place as your wedding? Here are a few tips to use when deciding your honeymoon.

Long or Short Flight?

Before making your list for your dream destination, figure out how long you want to spend on an airplane. If you live in the USA and want to vacation in Australia, you need to prepare for a minimum of 28 hours from your home to the destination. You’ll need a lot of things to keep you busy. Bring that book you have always wanted to read or make sure that your mobile phone is charged so you can play games here.  Don’t forget about the amount of time you want to take off, as a vacation in California will give you more time to spend on your honeymoon than one in Vietnam if you live in North America. 

Cities or Rural?

Someone who likes the great outdoors may prefer to ski or hike in the wilderness, while city people may want to visit museums and exotic restaurants. Take the time to decide what each of you want to do and see, and narrow it down to a city or a rural area that’s likely to have these things. You could even combine two vacations in one. For example, Spain has tall mountains for skiing, but they also have warm beaches for surfing. Also, be aware that if you’re in a foreign country, you may need to learn a bit about their language before getting on your flight.

Narrow Things Down

At this point, you probably have a good idea of where you want to go, or what you want to do while you’re on vacation. Combine your choices together and throw out some ideas. Listen to your partner’s ideas careful; you are about to spend the rest of your life together! No one wants to be in a place they hate or have a feeling they won’t enjoy. If you both can’t come to a consensus, try and make a compromise. As another alternative, you could do two vacations, or go on the other vacation your partner wants a year after the honeymoon.

Decide on Location

Now you’ll need to commit to what you want to do – and this step is probably the most important. Maybe you have a lot of different locations in mind for your honeymoon, but it’s better to decide before the wedding, so you have something to look forward to. Whether it’s relaxing at a 50star resort in Mexico, an all-encompassing tour of Asia, or it’s a backpacking trip around Europe – get excited! You’re both off on a new adventure and experience together as a married couple.

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