Published On: Mon, Feb 24th, 2020

Women’s strike, a right-wing trap – Fernandez Noroña

MEXICO CITY – PT deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña expressed his rejection of the national strike “el nueve nadie se mueve” (on the 9th nobody moves) because “disguised as a women’s protest, it will be a trap for the ‘right’.(SIC)

“The right wing found a cause to mount on, violence against women, which, by the way, they have always promoted. Now they are sponsoring a national strike disguised as women’s protest. And the women of the left, walking into the trap.” (SIC) he wrote in his Twitter account.

He also said: “A very high percentage of femicides are carried out by couples or ex-partners (90% or more). Is this a security problem in the traditional sense?

Fernandez Noroña screaming at his fellow legislators

After the Low Chamber announced that it would join the “Women’s Strike”, in Mexico called “el nueve nadie se mueve” Fernández Noroña assured from his seat that this movement has a political background.

“There is, he said, a “political maneuver against our government and comrade president Andrés Manuel López Obrador“.

In response, Congresswoman Guadalupe Almaguer, of the PRD, said “What we Mexican women, the feminists, are demanding is that this government, which says it is transformative, apply the laws that already exist and no longer excuse itself in the past. Because this is not the way to resolve the situation of extreme violence against women and girls in Mexico (…) Whoever is governing this country is responsible today,” said the PRD member.

San Miguel Times



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