Published On: Sun, Apr 12th, 2020

San Miguel’s Quarantine Reading at Best Price

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For readers in quarantine, the complete collection of all eight best-selling books in the San Miguel de Allende Secrets Series are at cost, or the price of 2 books, or 75% off! Either way all books, including Easter, feature a fun distraction on history and traditions, including many ex-pat specific issues!

The author, Joseph Toone, is trying to make your time self-isolating be more enjoyable.  When Amazon allows he’s been able to realize some books for free for a few days quarter.   However, to get all the books at cost took a bit of doing and is available only in a kindle version.  Paperbacks are also available on Amazon.

Next Toone is working on a coloring book of the Mexican Maria dolls so the young and young at heart can pass the time in quarantine creating art based on the Otomi-made Mexican Maria dolls.The link for the boxed set is…..

by Joseph Toone



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