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New Channel for San Miguel’s Secrets

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For those interested in two to five minute videos covering a wide array of San Miguel de Allende’s Secrets on our history, culture and traditions come visit YouTube.  Did you know YouTube is the second most visited site on the web?  With the virus more folks have been exploring YouTube options.

Joseph Toone, best-selling author of the San Miguel de Allende Secrets series of books on town is offering daily videos explaining a piece of what makes San Miguel unique in a wide array of topics of interest to residents and visitors to central Mexico.  Toone has been providing lectures on San Miguel de Allende across town and the United States.  In addition he provides tours earning him the distinction of being TripAdvisor’s top ranked private tour guide for San Miguel de Allende.

Colorists likely know Joseph Toone through the best-selling coloring book on the Otomi-made Maria dolls released this Spring.  The coloring book provides economic assistance to the doll makers while giving adults that like coloring a bit a relaxation.

The San Miguel de Allende’s Secrets channel on YouTube is under the name Joseph Toone, featuring brief explorations on a wide variety of topics from tamales twisted tale of terror to local legends and a near endlessly array on what we celebrate.  Like and subscribe to the channel to receive daily updates when you need a brief break to enjoy learning something new.

YouTube has come into its own during the virus with new video producers coming out daily by the hundreds.  Males tend to focus on technical aspects of hardware and software (like new cameras or improvements to the latest release of Word).  Female producers often focus on the home, exercise, fashion and shopping.  When working together mixed gender couples tend to focus on travel, pets or entertainment reviews.

All channels are competing to up their views, though it isn’t views alone that determine what, if any, advertising revenue they’ll earn.  Viewers are put through filters to determine their gender, income, age, computer being used to access YouTube and current software levels.  Suffice to say, it’s the younger, more technologically literate viewers that earn more advertising revenue with rates varying between two to eight dollars per thousand views.

The channel on San Miguel de Allende Secrets isn’t vying for ad revenue, but rather to making your time in San Miguel unique, and uniquely yours, with a bit of perspective on what is going on around you.  Enjoy being in the know and knowing how to have more fun in San Miguel!

by Joseph Toone

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