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False myths and truths about laser depilation that you should know

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On many occasions it happens that you have not tried laser depilation and you don’t know what is it, however, you really want to forget about rakes, wax or creams, but you have a friend or family member who gives you a thousand and one reasons not to do it because it isn’t recommended, well guess what? Many of them really are myths, falsehoods, and misinterpretations. I mean it!

Do you think that laser depilation is not very safe or inappropriate for you? If so, this article could clarify some points, restore your confidence, and above all reassure you.

Let me share some of the myths about laser hair removal:

Myth 1: laser depilation exposes you to radiation

This is a terrible misunderstanding. It is a myth that proliferates among those who do not know what laser technology is. The laser is like visible light. It does not emit any radiation that can enter into the cell and cause mutations.

Myth 2: Laser depilation cannot be done on dark skin color

If you have a darker skin tone, doesn’t mean that you cannot have laser depilation. It just means that your skin absorbs the laser more. The problem is solved by adjusting the laser’s intensity and increasing the number of sessions.

Myth 3: You can end up with burns after a laser procedure

Laser technology is very precise and thorough. It doesn’t come out of the hair follicle or affect the skin around it. It destroys the follicle in the process using heat, but burns are a very rare complication. They could be a bit more common with dark-skinned individuals. However, this can be solved by planning the procedure according to your skin type.

Myth 4: You shouldn’t have laser depilation if it’s summer

What is really not recommended is applying lasers after a tan or sunburn. And even on slightly tanned skin the procedure could be performed by adjusting the intensity of the laser. Similarly, after the procedure you should avoid the sun and protect yourself. But if the appropriate measures are taken, the season is not an impediment.

Myth 5: You won’t have to worry about waxing after the first session

Actually, it takes between 3 to 7 sessions so that the hair stops growing. In the process, you will see how the hair grows thinner and more fragile. But it would be unrealistic to expect a permanent effect after the first session.

Now, as with all medical procedures, laser depilation can cause some problems. For example, it could cause parts of the skin to change color. However, all these apparent problems are solved if you consult a professional dermatologist.

Contact a dermatologist in your area who can perform an initial evaluation. This way you will avoid complications and you will achieve a permanently soft skin after perfect laser depilation.

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