Published On: Wed, Sep 23rd, 2020

How to survive rosacea

Do you constantly suffer from redness on your face and visible blood vessels? You might suffer from rosacea, a common skin problem that might make you feel uncomfortable, as it may also produce small pus bumps.

This condition might affect anyone, but it is more frequent in middle aged women with light skin, according to Mayo Clinic. Although you can perfectly live with it, you should see a specialist to obtain the right treatment to avoid the red tone from flaring-up, and to cause any discomfort in your face.

There are many causes for this state, such as spicy foods, hot drinks, intense emotions, changes in temperature and cosmetics. It is important to analyze what is your specific trigger in order to avoid and treat it properly, as it can not be cured.

What are rosacea symptoms?

As it name says, rosacea is a condition that causes persistent redness in your face, but it also includes symptoms in several areas, such as:

  • Red bumps: This kind of pimples might even contain pus and look a lot like acne. In consequence, they are visible and sometimes, they are swollen too.
  • Enlarged nose:            In some cases, people might experience the enlargement of the nose, a consequence of rosacea, as it thickens the skin. This is more common in men than in women.
  • Eye issues: Ocular rosacea is a symptom of the skin one. It can cause itchy and swollen eyelids.


A dermatologist might treat rosacea by giving you specific meds and creams for your skin. This will help it calm and diminish its redness. You will also have to be really careful with the way you clean your face, and protect it against the sun with SPF 30 at least.

For your cleaning and humectation routine, you might want to consider gentle skin products. Nowadays, there are several dermocosmetic brands made for this specific type of epidermis, and the mixture between the right meds and specific creams will be, in consequence, better. When working out, you must be careful too, as there are some physical efforts, like running, that may cause the skin to turn red. Also, when you treat rosacea conditions, you should avoid heat, sunlight and humid conditions, but you ought to skip cold weather, as it may stimulate your blood vessels. Some foods, particularly the spicy ones and chocolate, or drinks, like coffee, tea or the alcoholic ones, should be avoided too.   


Living with rosacea is possible, as hard as its care might sound. To achieve this goal, you should pay more attention to your skin and be persistent; if not, you will suffer from redness your whole life.

Visiting a local specialist is the best way to stop rosacea, even if it can not be cured. In this way, you will feel more comfortable, literally in your own skin. Plus your face and eyes will feel better, fresher and they will look with more glow too.


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