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Practical tips that you should not forget if you want a perfect teeth whitening

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Perfect teeth whitening is not just a matter of the dentist and his or her working technique. It also depends on us, and the care we give to our teeth after the procedure.

Spending a lot of money on the best treatment won’t do much good if the teeth are going to be stained later. Therefore, we must consider adopting some good habits, also identifying what can stain your smile again.

What to do after teeth whitening?

The main thing after teeth whitening is good hygiene. To maintain the result of teeth whitening, teeth should be washed twice a day at least. It is also recommended to floss at least once a day. Not forgetting the mouthwash. All these cares keep the teeth free of plaque, avoiding yellowish stains, and keeping them in good condition.

There are some whitening kinds of toothpaste, however, it is recommended to use it only once or twice a week or as recommended by the dentist. After teeth whitening, it is extremely important to ask the dentist steps to follow in order to maintain the whitening. Another very useful recommendation is to perform treatments to retouch the smile. This can be done every six months without any problems, thus allowing the dentist to regularly assess oral health and give better recommendations.

Improve results by avoiding this!

There are instructions that must be followed to improve the results of a teeth whitening since if the advice is followed, a teeth whitening can last approximately up to 4 years. But perhaps the most important recommendation is to avoid everything that causes stains.

Therefore, we recommend avoiding the following:

Don´t frequently consume drinks with strong colors: among them, we recommend avoiding coffee, red wine, and sodas. Some types of tea can also stain teeth.

Don´t frequently consume foods with strong colorings: it is preferable to avoid as much as possible red meat, dark-colored sauces, spices such as curries, and sweets with artificial colors.

Do not use tobacco: it is not only a problem for the teeth. It also affects many other aspects of health.

Brush your teeth more neatly at night: remember how important it is to brush your teeth in the morning and night.

Use dental floss: keep your teeth clean.

In case of consuming some of these foods or meals, it is recommended not to do it shortly after teeth whitening. At the end of the treatment, the teeth will have a more porous surface. So they will absorb more these types of colorants and work will be lost if the instructions are not followed.

And, although the skill of a dentist is not something that can be controlled, it is possible to take the time to choose a good professional. Therefore, for teeth whitening, we recommend looking for a dentist in your area with good reviews, always reading comments from previous clients. A tooth whitening should always be performed by a dentist, this is because the patient must be previously evaluated to avoid risks.

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