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Wisdom teeth extraction, what you need to know

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It is curious to know that, despite being natural, wisdom teeth can cause so many problems and be really annoying. When they come out can be really painful, and often they have an unfavorable position. They could even cause problems with the rest of the teeth.

That is why the extraction of wisdom teeth is one of the most common procedures in dentistry. Surely you are wondering, why should you consider doing it? And, what kinds of problems can it cause? Keep reading the texts below.

Advantages of wisdom teeth extraction

  • Crowding of teeth is avoided: this is a common problem. It can be predicted how wisdom teeth will emerge. And, in some cases, they can push the rest of the teeth, causing crowding. That’s why extraction is the best solution.
  • Damage to the adjacent tooth is avoided: teeth near wisdom teeth can suffer resorption and other problems.
  • Infections and tumors are avoided: these are third molar complications that are avoided by extracting them.
  • It can be used as a preventive of future problems: in fact, the earlier the extraction is done, the better. Doing so in a young individual it reduces risks, which we will discuss in the next section.

Disadvantages and complications

The main disadvantages are caused by complications that may or may not appear in a patient. These are:

  • Minor and temporary problems: an extraction can cause temporary bleeding. It can also cause a sensory alteration of the nerve and other complications such as alveolitis.
  • Minor and permanent problems: in some cases, damage to the adjacent tooth could be caused. There are also some cases of problems with the jaw joint.
  • Serious problems: they are extremely rare, only seen in some reported cases. For example, a broken jaw or an infection spreads to other organs.

It is worth noting that disadvantages and complications are rare, especially permanent ones and serious problems. The most common is bleeding, which can be controlled immediately and does not progress to adults.

However, throughout the process, having a dentist with extensive experience will help increase the benefits and reduce the risks. By using proper techniques and measures to avoid problems, your doctor can achieve a successful extraction of wisdom teeth. So if you haven’t already done so, consult a qualified dentist near the area where you live for an assessment and recommendations.


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