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Sterility and infertility

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Associated with 20% of all couples, so the study and treatment protocol is carried out on both members of the couple, since as experts we know that there are multiple causes that we must analyze individually and in the binomial, of all those that after one year, without contraception and having an active sexual life, they do not achieve pregnancy.

Sterility and infertility are two human fertility disorders that produce the same result: the definitive or temporary impossibility of procreating a new living human being. Being the man the cause in – 30%, the woman – 30%, mixed – 10%, unexplained – 25% and for other causes – 5%.

To be able to very carefully identify the etiology and focus the therapy selectively. Likewise, in those couples who do achieve pregnancy, but who have repeated abortions for no apparent reason, where there are also specialized protocols to preserve the evolution of the pregnancy.

We understand the dynamics of current life and the concept of a couple, which has diversified and in the case of same-sex couples, there is also the possibility of achieving a pregnancy, with donor semen, highly studied medically and socially, offering a variety considerable options to achieve a pregnancy, if it were personal consideration.

Diagnosis and treatment

Within the diagnosis and treatment of the couple under study, we have the options of low complexity treatment cycles, which are carried out with surveillance in the consultation under directed ovarian stimulation, follicular monitoring (ultrasound surveillance of the growth and maturity of the eggs) so that according to evolution, we manage and direct the ovulation date, in accordance with the quality of the semen and sperm, the best option is chosen looking for conception, such as directed sexual intercourse or intrauterine insemination (which is performed with a semen sample, that under very specific laboratory techniques, improves mobility, selecting those with the best morphology and quality) to introduce them with a cannula directly into the fundus of the uterus.

Highly complex techniques (in vitro fertilization) are also a valuable resource, they must be very well analyzed and selected by the couple, which requires a thorough evaluation of all the factors involved to propose this alternative, which we also offer with competitive rates of certainty of achieving the desired pregnancy.

Article written by Dr. Abel Martínez, graduated from La Salle University, Mexican School of Medicine where he studied his Bachelor of Surgeon from 1985 to 1990. with 27 years of medical experience and specializes in Legal Termination of Pregnancy, Cosmetic Gynecology, Vaginal Aesthetics, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Outpatient Surgery and Pelvic Static Disorders.

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