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4 facts you need to know about rhinoplasty

by sanmigueltimes

Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful nose that can look amazing no matter the angle? The answer without a doubt is, everyone. That is why rhinoplasty has become such a popular surgery among people who want to make a change in their faces with the help of a plastic surgeon. Because of the great demand for rhinoplasties, we collect 5 facts to know before you decide to get this surgery.

1.- It is a complex surgical procedure

Once you decide to have this procedure, you need to know what happens once you are in the operating room. Some doctors use local anesthesia but the majority of them prefer to use general anesthesia.

The procedure can start with a small incision in the space between your nostrils. Another way is to do it inside your nose. After this first cut, the surgeon can adjust the cartilage and the bone of your nose depending on the type of rhinoplasty you agreed to have with your doctor.

Your nasal bones can be changed in different ways and can use cartilage of several parts of your body to add to your nose structure.

If the surgery does not have an esthetical purpose, but the goal is to improve the breathing of the patient or repair a broken bone in the nose, this is the most common way to approach this type of problem.

Beauty portrait of a sensual shirtless woman with short brunette hair wearing cosmetic patch on her face isolated over white background

2.- Risks of rhinoplasty

You have to keep in mind that this is a major surgery that can come with a great group of riks for your health. Some of them are:

  • Septal perforation
  • An odd-looking nose that does not look even
  • Permanent numbness in the nose area
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Difficulty breathing

3.- The recovery time you will need

Once your surgery is over, you will be taken up to your room and most likely sleep with your head raised higher than your chest. In this position, the bleeding and the swelling can be reduced. The internal dressing can remain in place from two to seven days.

If you are working, the recommendation is to take a week to fully rest. After this week, you will have less pain and swelling and you could start feeling yourself again. After three or four weeks, most of the patients return to do all of their activities.

4.- This can go wrong

In case the surgery went wrong you can present one of the following problems afterward:

  • Permanently altered sense of smell
  • Nosebleeds
  • Dame to the cartilage situated in between the nostrils
  • Breathing difficulties

Once you are sure about the procedures you want, you must choose a plastic surgeon who has experience doing rhinoplasties. Not all doctors use the same technique but they all can help you through this process.


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I appreciate your creativity and the effort you put into every post. Keep up the great work!


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