Published On: Mon, Nov 9th, 2020

Cochinita pibil positions Yucatán on Netflix

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Las Crónicas del Taco (The Taco chronicles) is a Netflix series that features the different types of tacos around Mexico, and dedicated a whole episode to “Cochinita Pibil”.

The cook and chef Miriam Peraza Rivero said she was astonished after the international impact generated by the episode on “Las Crónicas del Taco”.

(Monday, November 9, 2020).- The second chapter of this series is dedicated to “Cochinita Pibil”, starring Doña Miriam from Yucatan, who said she was shocked by the reach of the largest online TV platform in the world, and for having positioned Yucatan in 192 countries since the second season premiered last September 15.

“The cochinita pibil continues to be the favorite daughter of Yucatán , it has positioned the state before the world and made all Yucatecans feel proud. The cochinita is a reference in Yucatan and this dish is the king of this season of “Crónicas del Taco”, ” said the traditional cook and chef, Miriam Peraza Rivero, who stars in season two of ” Las Crónicas del Taco “.

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“We have received an incredible response; two young people who came from Brazil decided to make the trip all the way to Yucatán to taste the cochinita right here on this land. And with them, a lot of other stories; national and international tourists alike, North Americans who live here, from Atlanta, Missouri, New York City, even local people came from Tekax, Yucatan, to taste our cochinita. I believe that the panorama is promising and regardless of whether I am the spokesperson or instrument of the documentary, people come to visit the Yucatán ”, Miriam continued.

Miriam Peraza is the owner of the Manjar Blanco restaurant, where the cochinita pibil is the main specialty, of course.

She explained that tourists from Mexico City, Sonora, Chihuahua, Poza Rica Veracruz have come to visit her, because “the documentary made them feel the mysticism, the tradition, the originality of a cochinita taco ”.

“Because it is not just a taco, but there is much more to it, from the moment of cultivating the axiote, preparing it, soaking it, making the paste, it’s a ritual. Many people are interested in the way we Yucatecans feel about our traditions, how we communicate with tenderness, emotion, and now, thanks to “las Crónicas del Taco”, all Mexicans feel part of this vibe ”, Miriam continued.

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She explained that the program is broadcast in 192 countries and all of them are talking about the Yucatan and the response of national and international tourism is very strong.

On this issue, she urged the state tourism authorities to seek national tourism and assured that Mexico is very aware of what happens in Yucatan.

“Right now, Yucatan is in fashion, people want to travel to Yucatan this time of the year, because of the warm weather that prevails during the winter”, Miriam declared.

She added that in order for the tourism industry in Yucatan to continue operating and, in particular, the gastronomic sector, it is vitally important to fully comply with the health protocols that the authorities have established.

“We, in this case, are operating at 50 percent of capacity, and with strict protocols, as it should continue. But tourism will eventually return and it is a very important industry for our state, ” Miriam Peraza concluded.

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