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More complaints against a foreigner in Chelem, Yucatan

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“I saw evil in their eyes.”

Diario de Yucatan continues with the second part of the note, “A small group of expatriates challenges the authorities,” published in 6 columns at the Local/Comunidades section. 

CHELEM Yucatan (Diario de Yucatan/Megamedia) – “I saw evil in the eyes of that whole group, which I have no doubt benefited personally from the donations and wanted to use me to show off for something I didn’t do.”

These words are from Chelem’s municipal commissioner, Bianey Bibiana Chim Pat, and appear in the investigation folder UNATD-GD-1525/2020 opened by the State Attorney General’s Office against the Americans Wade Yarchan and Cindy Morrisey, to whom she attributes possible criminal acts.

Diario de Yucatan printed edition

As we published yesterday, Bianey Chim accuses America expatriate, Wade Yarchan of leading a campaign of defamation and threats against her, which has spread to social networks and has affected her family life and role as a public servant.

This is not the only formal complaint against the American. According to documents to which we had access, a compatriot of his -Kelley Marie Conway- and the administrator of a Facebook account in Chelem -Salvador Enrique Lizarraga Perera- have requested the Third Court of Control of the First Judicial District of the State’s Accusatory and Oral Criminal Justice System, based in Progreso, that criminal action be taken against Yarchan and three other expatriates.

The denouncers request this action for the probable commission of crimes sanctioned by the State’s Criminal Code. The court has ordered the integration of an administrative file number 25/2020 and set December 14 as the hearing date. The authority will determine if criminal activity has been met.

The Prosecutor’s Office received Bianey Chim’s complaint on the 9th of this month. In her memorial, the comisaria recounts incidents and verbal confrontations with Yarchan and another expatriate named Cindy Morrisey. After the latter, as Chim confirmed in the interview, they were unable to handle the delivery of support in Chelem after tropical storm “Cristobal.”

Letter from Mr. Yarchan lawyers
Yesterday after 1300 hours, Mr. Yarchan lawyers sent The Yucatan Times and Diario de Yucatan a letter in which they describe the article published as “false.” They mentioned that the article “has no other purpose than to damage the image and good reputation” of Mr. Yarchan.

The letter, signed by attorneys Francisco Gutiérrez Cetina and Alfonso Barrera Romero, emphasizes that the American is “a respected member of the community” and anticipates legal action against those who “help to continue damaging his reputation.” Simultaneously, in the letter, the attorneys accuse Bianey Chim of corruption and mismanagement yet, they do not mention nor offer any evidence to support such claims. 

The comisaria is mentioned twice as an authority of Chuburna Puerto, although, in reality, she is an authority of Chelem. The undersigned lawyers request us to delete the post that we “SEIZE AND DESIST ” keep posting any article or history related to this issue. Otherwise we will leave no other option but to start a legal action against you as a central part of this attack against our client”. 

Letter to The Yucatan Times from Wade Yarchan’s lawyers.

No response
A telephone number of the office appears in the letter. The reporters from Central 9/Grupo Megamedia called several times throughout the afternoon to ask the lawyers for a version of their defendant, but no one answered. The Yucatan Times sent an email to Mr. Yarchan’s lawyers, who in the letter mentioned his side of the story was not covered, giving him the right of reply. Up until 0800 hours this morning, The Yucatan Times had no reply. 

The Denuncia 
In her denuncia to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the interview with Diario de Yucatan, Bianey Chim narrates that after the passage of “Cristobal,” she undertook the distribution of food to the affected population with the support of people from the port as well as foreigners residing in Chelem. She was approached by Wade Yarchan, who said he would like to help and that he was receiving donations from other Americans living in Chelem and the United States. He even revealed that he had opened a bank account for this purpose and advanced that Cindy Morrisey and Stephen Paterson would support him.

The municipal comisaria was struck by the fact that the foreigner took photographs with the beneficiaries. Then “uploaded” the images to the social networks to justify -she believes- the use of the money he received. He did this even with children, to whom he gave bottles of bubble-water. Later, the official document states that Yarchan and Mrs. Morrisey contacted Bianey and her husband, Lemuel Abraham Matú, to tell them that they wanted to buy “hoses and chlorine for the flood victims of the area.”

The comisaria told them that she didn’t think it was a good idea since removing water from some houses would flood others. In exchange, she proposed getting portable sprayers to combat the mosquitoes’ plague and even offered to manage the liquid and the vehicles with the Ministry of Health.

Chelem, Yucatan (File Photo)

According to the complaint, Yarchan said he would have to evaluate this proposal and consult with the donation sponsors since they deposited money for these hoses and chlorine. Eventually, the foreigner bought those supplies and took ten barrels of chlorine to the commissariat’s patios. Mr. Yarchan and Mr. Morrisey decided that they would distribute it.

At some point, Bianey Chim was at the municipal building with her husband when Wade Yarchan arrived and shouted at her: “I think our relationship has broken down, you like the spotlights and the photos, as well as Julian Zacarias (the mayor of Progreso)

Then Charlene Bokclage, from Yarchan’s group, introduced herself and told the representative of the municipality: “You are a monster, we gave you food to distribute, and you didn’t do it, you sold the pantries, and now you enjoy the money to feed your family.” Lemuel Matú, Bianey’s husband, asked for proof of those statements. Otherwise, they would file a denuncia for saying that he gave support to the comisaría, including financial support, which is not true.

The conflict
Commissioner Bianey Chim says that Wade Yarchan encouraged a campaign to defame her. According to the municipal authority, the foreigner adopted the strategy of accusing her of corruption, in her words, perhaps to justify using the money he received from various donors to support the victims of the meteorological phenomena in Chelem. The comisaria Bianey Chim assures that the American only gave her 3,000 pesos in cash for food aid.

She signed a receipt but seeing the direction the situation was taking, Bianey decided to return the money to avoid further misunderstandings.

To be continued…

Read Diario de Yucatan’s original note here

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