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How long can a scar disappear?

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It is a fact that all human beings have some type of scar on our body. These can be due to surgery, an accident or a simple cut. However, there are some scars that do not fade over time, while others disappear within a few days. Due to this situation, there are a large number of people who want to eliminate certain scars on their body as these can be very noticeable or make them feel insecure.

Some dermatologists advise waiting for the skin to do its natural healing process and for the body itself to get rid of the scar. But is it possible to know the average time that a scar will fade?

What is a scar?

We can define the term scar as a kind of patch that is formed over a wound to close it. The formation of scars occurs after the patient has suffered a cut or has had a surgical intervention. Scars also occur in patients who have suffered or suffer from acne. In most cases, the scars lose their pinkish or red color but do not disappear completely.

Each human being has a different healing process, so it is wrong to think that we all recover in the same way. In addition, this natural healing process depends on other factors such as the health of the patient or the area where the scar was made. Many specialists indicate that, on average, it takes at least 6 months for the scar to heal, go through a maturation process and its removal through some aesthetic treatment can be considered. However, everything will depend entirely on the way in which the body recovers and how the scar is generated.

How can I avoid having an ugly scar?

To help the healing process to be adequate, the patient can take the following tips:

  •  Reduce or eliminate tobacco use
  • The area where the scar is must be kept hydrated with the help of a cream that is previously approved by your doctor
  • Avoid letting the sun’s rays touch the skin that is healing. Due to the sensitivity that the skin is experiencing in the healing process, it is advisable to use sunscreen on the area or cover it completely. If you choose to cover it with your clothing, keep in mind that you must leave room for the scar to breathe.
  • Sometimes, a great recommendation is to do small massages on the healing area. These will help give you a more “flat” appearance but these should be supervised by your doctor.

Even with these tips, many patients may not be comfortable with the appearance of their scar. For this, there are various techniques that range from removing sample cells with the help of chemicals to dermabrasion or the use of lasers. Any treatment should be under the indication of your doctor and in no way should you do it alone, as it can cause greater damage and suffer from future complications.


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