Published On: Sun, Dec 20th, 2020

Mayor inaugurates infrastructure works in SMA

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San Miguel de Allende.- The Governor of the State, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo , the Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal and the Secretary of Infrastructure, Connectivity and Mobility ( SICOM ), Tarcisio Rodríguez started the fourth stage for the paving of the Road that goes from Los Rodríguez , Jesús María Petaca to Pozo de Balderas and delivered the rehabilitation of the access road to the community of Las Cañas.

“It is a commitment that you and I made in the campaign (he told the governor of Guanajuato). We promised very few specific works, rather we promised that we would work with society and the government through participation so that we could gradually resolve the lag and be able to build what we needed ”, said the municipal president.

The work is carried out by SICOM, the state government through the secretariat allocated 11 million pesos for the paving of 2.02 kilometers of the road that goes from the community of Los Rodríguez to the town of Pozo de Balderas.

“The mayor has told me a lot about this path, we are going through that stage and we are happy to support the project in those 500 meters. We ask Tarcisio to be very attentive to this particular project,” said the state governor.

The first stage of the road was built by SICOM in 2018, 1,349 kilometers were paved and 3.7 million pesos were invested. The second and third stages were carried out by the municipal government of Luis Alberto Villarreal García, from kilometer 0 to 3,780.

“We already have 5 kilometers, but we lacked this section, these two kilometers that we inaugurate today is the beginning of a path that you are undoubtedly traveling and that it was very important that this part was already finished. You know it perfectly, it has a great impact and it is going to continue with its two lanes and its adequate drainage works. The contract will be concluded in 3 months ”, informed the secretary of SICOM.

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