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When do I need a blepharoplasty?

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As we age, it is normal that we begin to notice that our appearance changes. The first wrinkles, joint discomfort, or eye strain may begin to appear. However, droopy eyelids are one of the signs of aging that more and more people want to eliminate. Thanks to advances in medicine and the existence of plastic surgeons, it is possible to provide a solution to this problem so that the patient feels better about their appearance and does not have problems with their self-esteem. However, how can we recognize when it is time to see a surgeon to correct this problem? Blepharoplasty may be a great option for you, as it is one of the surgeries that has improved significantly in the last 5 years.

Why do the eyelids droop?

The eyelids of the eyes are folds of the skin whose function is to protect the eyes and the secretion of tears to moisturize them. Like all the muscles that make up our body, these change their appearance as we grow. When the upper eyelid begins to sag or “hang down,” people are said to have droopy eyelids. The cause of this can be aging, loss of muscle strength, or having some involvement in the nerves that move the eyelids.

Having this condition not only affects the appearance of the patient but also affects the peripheral vision of the patient. It should be noted that decalcification is the cause in 90% of cases of droopy eyelids.

When the upper eyelid begins to sag or “hang down,” people are said to have droopy eyelids. The cause of this can be aging, loss of muscle strength, or having some involvement in the nerves that move the eyelids. In case of having any trauma to the brain or vascular level, the probability of having this condition is increased. Also, diabetic patients tend to suffer a drooping eyelid as a result of the disease.

What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a surgery that seeks to improve the appearance of the eyelids once they fall. Besides, excess fat and skin found in this area are reduced. Usually, this procedure does not require the patient to stay for several days in the hospital, as this is considered outpatient surgery. In case the patient wishes to undergo other procedures such as a facelift, the doctor may request that he stay more days under medical observation.

Once you have decided to have this surgery, the doctor should ask about your medical history and lifestyle. It is vitally important that if you smoke constantly, you express it to your doctor. Most likely, they will ask you to stop using tobacco for a while before your medical intervention. The reason is simple and is that smokers have trouble healing properly.

The plastic surgeon will begin the procedure by numbing the area. Later, he will cut the crease of the eyelid to begin to remove the excess skin and fat from the area. In many cases, this surplus can be distributed in a different way to improve the appearance or to remove it. However, removing it is the most common.

How do I know if I am a candidate for this procedure?

If a patient is less than 35 years old, only botulinum toxoid will be used to repair this affection. On the other hand, if the patient is over 35 years old but less than 60 years, the surgeon will then lift skin muscle, tendon, and frontal complete skin to her younger site fixing this tendon and aponeurosis into frontal tendons.

In cases where the patient is older than 65, then we remove skin excess that is sagging in the upper palpebral with resection plus fat. For lower palpebral correction, the correct method will be to only perform minimal liposuction into the palpebral sacs and refilling depression with autologous fat and plasma injection. This way we lessen risks and improves normal results

Plastic surgeries aim to help patients improve their appearance and feel better about themselves. It is normal to want to change certain things in the body and with the professional guidance of a specialist in the matter, the results can be extraordinary for you and your image.


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