Published On: Mon, Feb 1st, 2021

Allende dam at 16% of its capacity

San Miguel de Allende.- The Allende dam reached a historical level of 16% of its capacity, which represents a risk for people who live from fishing and for farmers who depend on the dam for irrigation. 

Josafat Enríquez, director of Civil Protection said that there are many repercussions due to the low levels of water in the dam, “from the outset the entire agricultural area of ​​the Bajío is being affected, this dam mainly supplies water for irrigation and is also a source of income for the people who live in the perimeter, whose main activity is fishing ”. 

He said that the water treatment plant is pouring the treated water into the dam, but that it is not enough to recover the necessary levels, “We haven’t been getting as much rain as we expected, so right now we have that problem.” 

The head of Civil Protection said that the level of the dam is at 16%, according to the daily report of the National Water Commission, “but we will have to wait until the rainy season for there to be a recovery and to be able to support the area of Bajío with the supply ”. 

He reported that after searching the historical report, this is the lowest level that this body of water catchment has had. “We have never had such a low level, what is happening is very alarming.” 

San Miguel Times Newsroom



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