Published On: Tue, Feb 23rd, 2021

AMLO’s new enemy

Today’s date is the birth of a new adversary for AMLO and his so-called Fourth Transformation.

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) – As expected, Andrés Manuel López Obrador disqualified the results of the Superior Audit Office of the Federation, which found irregularities for billions of pesos in the review of the first year of his government.

“They exaggerate, and not only that, their data is wrong, I have other data, and it will be reported,” (SIC) refuted the AMLo, who asked the auditing body to clarify its reports because his opponents use this information to criticize him.

President López Obrador’s reaction is not very different from those of his PRI or PAN predecessors who did not like the ASF’s reports.

What bothered the President the most is that these reports will serve the opposition just when his political project is in the midst of an electoral campaign to maintain the majority in the Chamber of Deputies.

Thus, under the principle that “those who help my adversaries are my enemies,” the ASF could enter the group of enemies of the 4T and the list of organizations that bother the President.

Today AMLO has a new enemy. It is called the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (SAF).



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