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Expedia’s Annual Vacation Deprivation Study

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Expedia Identifies a Global Change in Work-Life Balance for the First Time in Two Decades

Annual Vacation Deprivation Study Finds 81% of working adults worldwide are placing more value on vacation, trading days off for bucket list experiences.

  • Mexicans think about taking 16 days of vacation, five more than last year. 
  • The annual report on vacation deprivation indicates that, globally, 81% of working adults value their vacations more, developing lists of desired destinations. 
  • Cancun and Riviera Maya favorite destinations on the American Continent.

Mexico City, Mexico.– Following a year where for many, every aspect of life – from work, school, daycare, and even vacation – was spent under one roof, in 2021 people worldwide are making it a priority to use the vacation days they’ve earned more than ever. Expedia’s annual Vacation Deprivation study, which examines work-life balance trends of working adults around the world to bring awareness to vacation days people leave unused, found that in 2021 people globally plan to take an extra week (five days) of vacation. With this new “no days left behind mindset,” Vacation Deprivation is well on its way to becoming a thing of the past.

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Vacation Deprivation for Mexicans 

Expedia’s study of Holiday Deprivation found that Mexicans felt the least deprived of vacation despite the pandemic and having to stay home longer. However, more Mexicans plan to take more days off in 2021.   57% of Mexicans believe they haven’t had enough vacations, that comes in below the feeling of vacation deprivation of Canadians and Americans. The findings among Mexican respondents were:

·       Fewer days taken and greater value to the holidays.  On average Mexicans took 11 days off in 2020, a smaller number than the previous year.  However, 92% said they now value more what it means to take vacations and expect to take 16 days in 2021 (five more days).  

·       Traveling as a family.  Without a doubt, Mexicans are family people. Most respondents, 87%, feel better and consider their vacation superior when they have quality time with their families.

·       Too busy to vacation.  Although 95% of respondents in Mexico consider the holidays to be good for health and well-being, more than half (54%) believe they are so busy at work that they rarely use vacations they are entitled to.

·       More time at home. About half of respondents (48%) remained at home on their last vacation due to the pandemic, whether they decided to do so because of the limitations of confinement (36%) or because they feared for their jobs because of Covid’s economic impact and didn’t feel good taking vacation time (26%).

·       Plans 2021. 73% of Mexicans have an ideal list of travel destinations and 67% of them have expanded this list after the pandemic. 58% try to do more on their ideal holiday travel wish list.

·       Pandemic effect on holidays. Mexicans are changing some of their vacation habits because of Covid-19. 38% of respondents are making trips close to their places of origin. 34% are traveling to less crowded or popular destinations and 27% are driving more to their destinations when they had previously taken more public transport.

About the Vacation Deprivation Study

Expedia first commissioned Vacation Deprivation in 2000 to examine the work-life balance of Americans. The annual study is currently in its 21st year and was conducted online among 9,200 respondents across North and South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Commissioned from November 18-December 9, 2020 on behalf of Expedia by Northstar Research Partners, a global strategic research firm, responses were gathered using an amalgamated group of best-in-class panels. Looking at the margin of error for the global average, a 1% difference is statistically significant at 90% confidence.

Source: cuadrante.com.mx

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