Published On: Sat, Feb 13th, 2021

Mexico reaches 1,978,954 positive Covid-19 cases

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In a press conference, the Ministry of Health informed that the number of positive cases of the new coronavirus in Mexico reached 1,978,954.

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – The Ministry of Health informed in a press conference that in Mexico, the number of positive cases of the new coronavirus reached 1,978,954.

A conference held at the National Palace announced that the number of deaths related to covid-19 in Mexico reached 172,557.

In the last 24 hours, 1,323 deaths related to the virus were reported. Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, General Director of Health Promotion, informed that there are 67,668 estimated active cases and that the estimated number of cases would be 2,174,767.

In the last few days, there has been a significant increase in hospital admissions, so we ask the population to follow the health measures in order to avoid compromising the hospital capacity and interrupting the process of economic reactivation.

As of Friday, February 12, there are 208 patients in public hospitals. 27,080 patients have already recovered. This figure represents 87% of the total number of reported infections, which is 31,117.

126 new infections of Coronavirus were detected.

The Yucatan municipalities with the highest number of infected people are:
Merida, 19,175 cases;
Valladolid, 2,214;
Tizimín, 1,039;
Ticul, 839;
Kanasin, 765;
Umán, 743;
Progreso, 733;
Tekax, 481;
Motul, 282;
Peto, 278;
Temozon, 245;
Tinum, 211;
Hunucmá, 190;
Chemax, 188;
Izamal, 167;
Buctzotz, 148;
Maxcanú, 120;
Espita, 115;
San Felipe, 111, and
Acanceh, 106.

In total, 3,293 people have died in Yucatan as a result of the Coronavirus.

Source: The Yucatan Times



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