Published On: Sat, Mar 6th, 2021

Mexican Youtuber YosStop accused of sexual abuse against a minor

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México, City (March 5, 2021).-Yoss Hoffman, better known on social media as YosStop, was charged along with other individuals in a complaint for the crimes of storing and spreading child pornography.

The complaint stems from a case of sexual abuse committed against a minor named Ainara on May 25, 2018. On the day of the events, the victim was only 16 years old.

In the images that were shared on social networks, a group of young people at a party proceeds to introduce objects into Ainara’s private parts while the minor is drunk. Then a fight breaks out between the young people involved.

For the crime of equal rape, Carlos ‘R’, Julián ‘G’, Axel ‘A’ and Nicolás ‘B’ were identified in the complaint as the main culprits.

Mexican Youtuber YosStop accused of sexual abuse

In legal documents the youtuber is identified as Yoseline ‘H’. This 30 year old woman acquired her fame as an influencer by sharing and commenting on viral videos on her YouTube channel, including that of Ainara’s fight and rape under the title “Pathetic generation.”

In this material, Yoseline ‘H’ blames Ainara for the situation in which she was involved, as exposed in the complaint filed by the law firm Schütte and Delsol Gojon and with the support of feminist activists.

Through TikTok, Ainara revealed the psychological disorders she suffers now as a result of the viral fame that the YosStop video gave her, whose YouTube channel currently has more than 8 million subscribers. 

Source: Televisa Noticias

San Miguel Times



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