Published On: Sun, Apr 25th, 2021

Construction starts in Los Galvanes

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The SMA municipal president, Luis Alberto Villarreal García, laid the first stone for the construction and expansion of the public square in the community of Los Galvanes. 

In addition, he inaugurated five new classrooms in the ‘Agustín Melgar’ elementary school and a shade mesh roof for the benefit of more than 200 students.

With an investment of 313,600 pesos, the elementary school has a new roof for its multipurpose field and, through the Institute of Physical Educational Infrastructure of Guanajuato (INIFEG), today it has 5 new classrooms; Likewise, Mayor Villarreal García delivered a set of multipurpose basketball and soccer boards.

Schoolteacher Hugo Lozano, on behalf of the director of the school, Raúl Juárez expressed: “Mr. Municipal President, on behalf of all we wish to express our happiness and thanks for your valuable support and your interest in education, thank you very much to each of you For something they are San Miguel de la Gente ”.

The community delegate, Guadalupe Martínez, and the parent representative, Rebeca Martínez thanked the municipal authorities and the local committee for working hand in hand to make this possible.

Previously, the mayor laid the first stone that gives way to the construction and expansion of the Los Galvanes public square, which will be a reality thanks to an investment of 400 thousand pesos. Villarreal also promised to support them with the railing of the perimeter wall, the delivery of a new lamp for his kiosk and benches with the shield of the city as those at the historic center.



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